This New Razor Shaves Twice As Well As Your Old One & Costs Only $8

by Kim Carpluk
Schick/Kim Carpluk

I have super sensitive skin that hates pretty much everything, especially shaving. To be honest, I've avoided shaving my legs for weeks because my angry, dry skin gets nicked easily and literally feels like it's on fire when I exit the shower. So I tried Schick's Intuition F.a.b. Razor to the test to see if this new blade — which is the first that shaves in two directions — can live up to my overly demanding, diva-like, tantrum-prone skin.

My skin has been so insanely sensitive this winter that I've been breaking out in alien-esque rashes and hives all over my body because I'm allergic to the cold. That's right, my dermatologist told me that my seasonally-dry skin was getting even worse because I am allergic to the climate I've been living in. Obviously, the magic of New York City is worth enduring the pain that comes with overly dry winter skin, but other sacrifices had to be made.

I started slathering my body in moisturizing oil, I switched out my basic shower gel for something more hydrating, and I stopped shaving my legs and underarms as often. Essentially, I embraced my body hair and begin slathering on products like it's my job (because in a way, it is).

Kim Carpluk

Now, I'm all for body hair if it makes you feel beautiful. Seriously, the fact that society expects us to shave often for the optical benefit of others is absolutely ridiculous. However, when my leg and armpit hair grow out too much, my ridiculously rude skin becomes so itchy that I can't stop scratching. In the summer, this problem is easily solved by shaving, but in the winter, I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't. Either way, my skin is so sensitive and downright painful that I want to rip it off my body, Silence of the Lambs style.


So when I had the chance to try the new Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor ($8;, I jumped at it. By this point, I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding a razor that didn't murder my skin, but I figured I might as well give it a try. I'm an optimistic girl at heart, and I hoped that the solution to my angry winter skin shaving problem was out there somewhere. So I lathered up my legs with the Harry's Shave Gel ($7; my best friend Richard left at my apartment while he was visiting NYC (thanks for it, binch), and braced for impact.

The new Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor has two sets of blades that face opposite directions: the top blades let you shave up, while the bottom blades let you shave down. Because I was terrified of cutting myself accidentally, I took the shaving process slow at first. I shaved up and down my leg without even lifting the blade. I quickly noticed that the razor was working in both directions. Shaving upward (against the grain of the hair) was the best way to really get rid of my dark brunette stubble, but shaving downward helped to ensure the hair was really, truly gone and left my skin super smooth.

Soon, I was shaving back and forth fast AF like a freakin' pro. I only nicked myself once, which is a major Olympic-sized win for someone who usually leaves the shower looking like Stephen King's Carrie covered in blood.

Plus, when I exited the shower, my skin did not feel like it was dying of dehydration. If anything, it felt even more soft and supple. In short: I was shook.

Kim Carpluk

Here's a comparison between my unshaved leg (on the left) and my shaved leg (on the right). Somehow, my skin looks even more bright and clear after shaving, and there's no redness to be found. Literal magic.

TBH, I was extremely surprised by the results. My legs and armpits have high standards, but this razor measured up to the tall order. If you want to try out the new razor for yourself, you can get it for $8 at Target right now. Seriously, if dry skin is a problem for you and your current razor isn't cutting it, then try out this high-tech tool and get the softest shave around for sensitive skin.