Hunter Schafer’s Zodiac Sign Makes Her Such A Loyal Partner


So you can't stop thinking about Euphoria and you're crushing on Jules Vaughn, big time. In the throes of your obsession, you're probably wondering about Hunter Schafer's zodiac sign. Well, here's the tea. Born Dec. 31, this charming, thoughtful model-activist-icon is a Capricorn. Cap is an earth sign, meaning Schafer is likely grounded, realistic, and logical in all aspects of her life. Another hallmark trait of Capricorn? Being on your grind, 25/8.

It tracks that this sign is symbolized by a goat. Cap works hard — maybe too hard by their loved ones' standards. Still, on a good day, their ambition, dedication, and drive are what make them a reliable friend and a great family member. Here’s what else you should know about Schafer’s zodiac sign and how it could affect her romantic relationships.

Cap Is Quiet & Reserved At First

If you're ever at a party trying to guess people's signs, you can always tell someone's a Capricorn by their standoffish nature. This isn't a drag of Schafer or others born during this wintry season. This sign may often perceived as stoic, but really, they're taking mental notes for later. Crack a few brainy jokes or ask them for a hot take to warm them up. Soon, you'll realize Capricorn isn't just smart as hell, but genuinely a wonderful person.

If Cap Loves You, They're Fiercely Loyal

Just like a goat, Capricorn is stubborn. But that strong will of theirs isn't always a bad quality. This means they'll always stick to their guns when they come under fire, and they'll go through hell and back for the ones they love.

In short, Caps like Schafer make for endlessly devoted, loyal partners. The icing on the cake is that, as their partner, you reap the rewards of their earth-sign practicality. Need someone to help you put together IKEA furniture? Done. Want to try out that complicated-but-cool-looking TikTok recipe? You got it. Need to start budgeting? Your hot Cap partner will be sharing you on a spreadsheet promptly.

Arguments Can Get Really Real, Real Quick

You may find Cap's groundedness to be super hot, super frustrating, or both, sometimes! But once they make up their mind, it's hard for them to be swayed or convinced otherwise. If you're arguing with a Cap like Schafer, good luck. This sign comes prepared with receipts, dates and times of infractions, and a courtroom-ready defense. If either of you wants to make it out of an argument emotionally unscathed, you're probably just going to have to agree to disagree.

Ultimately, They're A Sweetheart

At the end of the day, Cap has a heart of gold under that steely exterior. They have a huge capacity for kindness and generosity. Say what you want about Capricorn's hardheadedness, ambition, and logic-first tendencies, but anyone who gets to date Schafer or any other Cap is absolutely winning.