Little Ways Your Summer Changes For The Better When You Get Engaged

Current mood: excessive butterflies, because you're getting married. Summertime pairs so well with that newly engaged glow of yours, doesn't it? When bae put a ring on it, you knew your life was about to take an exciting turn. Many changes are on their way, but as far as the upcoming season is concerned, you might be unaware just how your summer changes when you get engaged. All good things are around the corner with the warm weather, though, so don't freak out.

You may not notice these subtle changes at first, because you're so busy swooning over your forever person and your gorgeous bling. Once you come down just a tad from the top of the world, you'll begin to realize these little changes throughout the season.

You aren't turning into a totally new person by any means, but bae is shedding a new light on your summer festivities. This is the beginning of a new chapter you're experiencing together, and it's something to embrace with open arms. The season will still be full of poolside lounging, warm nights spent watching the sunset on the beach, and enjoying endless scoops of chocolate ice cream. Summer isn't going to lose its zest, but you will experience changes on your journey to Mrs. status.

The Wanderlust Doubles

You and your partner are already filled with so much excitement because of this milestone. Excitement is a catalyst for wanderlust, so don't be surprised if you both decide to take a few impromptu road trips. It's hard to pull back the reigns once you have the travel bug. Bae's spontaneous ideas are your spontaneous ideas now, so buckle up for the beautiful ride.

Your Fiancé Becomes A Crucial Part Of Your Friend Group

Your partner will naturally be a lot more involved in your group of friends. With your newly engaged status, there's so much planning to do (and your friends are stoked to be part of it). Your mains will want to be around the culprit who has plastered that permanent smile on your face, so let the summer barbecues commence.

You Look For Opportunities To Introduce Your SO As Your Fiancé

You get to call your partner your fiancé now. It's a new title and you're so enthusiastic to share it. No matter what you two are doing, you take advantage of every opportunity to introduce them like it's no big deal (even though you're excited AF about it). The first summer you're engaged, you will say "fiancé" more than you ever have in your entire life. Own it.

You Swap A Few Beach Days For Wedding Planning

Getting a head start on your wedding planning will save you in the long run. You won't have any FOMO, because you are investing time in making your special day a total fairy tale. The waves and soft sand will still be there when you finish picking out millennial pink flower arrangements.

You Start Comparing Bucket Lists

Summer is the ultimate YOLO season. When summer is mixed with downtime, it's prime time for adding to or thinking about bucket lists. You and your fiancé will swoon over each other's goals and do everything you can to check them off together. You'll be surprised that you have more than one bucket list activity in common.

You Make It A Point To Be Around Family

There's something about a newly engaged couple that brings the family together. You and your fiancé will be getting all the attention, and besides, it feels pretty fabulous showing off the bling bae picked out for you. You'll have fun talking wedding plans and letting your parents predict what your future children will look like.

You're Not Opposed To A Staycation

You're about to shell out for a wedding, so a laid-back, inexpensive summer might be in the cards. Your fiancé makes you feel carefree, and they can put a smile on your face doing almost nothing at all. With them, you're always on a serene vacation, no matter where you are. So, two tickets to couch life it is.

Try not to get too stumped on the little changes you're going to undergo now that you're engaged. The biggest, most exciting change will occur at the alter and will last for every season after that.