How Your Relationship With Your Sister Is Different In College & After Graduation

Everyone has probably been telling you from the get-go that college is a very special time in your life when things are bound to change. You may be tired of hearing it, but it's true — and things continue to change even after you graduate. Someone who will stick by you through it all is your sister. She has been there for you since you were both in diapers, and she's truly your rock. If you have a special bond with your sis, you may be wondering how your relationship with your sister changes in college, and then after you graduate.

Well, sometimes the changes are very subtle. I probably wouldn't have even noticed them myself if I hadn't taken a second to really look back at how things were in college, and compared them to my post-grad life. The subtle changes could come from the way you communicate with your sis, or what you talk about. The bigger changes — like distance from each other — are a bit more obvious.

If you have a sister, you will most likely relate to these six ways your relationship with her has changed. Maybe you haven't even reached that point in your life just yet, so prepare yourself for what's to come. No matter what, your sis is your best friend and number one girl.

Your Free Time To Visit Each Other Is More Valuable

When you're in college, you get a little more freedom and time off to travel. There are so many breaks throughout the school year that provide you with the opportunity to visit your sis. Your weekdays may be super flexible, so if you go to school nearby, you might be able to meet your sis for lunch and dinner on the regular.

After you graduate, you hit the ground running into adulthood. When you start working, odds are, you're given a lot less free time to go on trips to visit your sis. This makes your time together so much more valuable. If you're lucky enough to live close to each other after graduation, weekends are always perfect for some sisterly bonding time.

Your Sisterly Hangs Are A Lot More Chill

When you're in college, you and your sister probably have your designated, fave bar (once you're 21 and up, of course), or you're out late dancing at a club. You're young and living it up. And let's be honest — you have the energy to stay up until closing time.

After you graduate, you find other ways to chill with your sis. Going out for a nice meal at a new restaurant you've been wanting to check out sounds like a pretty great plan. You may also opt for a relaxing night in with your sis, complete with wine and watching The Bachelor.

Your Parents Have Different Expectations

When you're in college, it may always be the same questions from your parents, relating to what you want to do with the rest of your life. You and your sister always have those moments of looking to each other for support when your parents bring it up.

After you graduate, your sis is still there for a joint eye roll, but it's probably from when your parents bug you about your job, getting married, or even having kids. The real world is here, and so are the expectations. Your sister understands that pressure. Even if you live far away, the eye roll emoji and a relatable Gif is all you need to send to her when you need to vent.

You Ask Her For Crucial Adulting Advice

When you're in college, you go to your sister for advice about dating, friend drama, and which classes to take. You have always relied on your sister's advice, especially if she is older than you. You know the scoop she's providing you with already worked for her, so hopefully, it will work for you as well.

After you graduate, you most likely still go to your other half for the same things, like dating advice, but you also go to her for all of your #adulting struggles. Your sister could give you great interview tips that'll potentially land you that dream job after graduation. She's also the perfect person to ask for help with anything you're too embarrassed to ask your parents.

You Text Her At Normal Hours Of The Day

When you're in college, you know you can text your sis at three in the morning, and she'll respond. You can even FaceTime her during a stressful, late-night study session when you're in need of a good laugh. Those crazy hours won't stop your sister BFF from being there for you.

After you graduate, you spend way less time staying up in the library cramming for a test. You text your sister almost everyday, but it's probably during normal hours. You both may have jobs, so you know the importance of a good night's sleep.

You Don't Live Together Anymore

When you're in college, you come back for breaks, and it's like you never really left. If your sister is younger and still living at home, your breaks are a chance for you two to spend some much-needed time together. It's just like the good old days.

After you graduate, you might not live at home anymore. Some people move back in after graduating, but others live in an apartment close to their job. Don't be sad about moving forward. Now, you probably have a cool place for your sister to visit whenever she wants to (and vice versa). No matter where you are, when you're together, it feels like home.