How Your Relationship With Your Sister Changes From Your Teens To Your 20s

by Tessa Harvey

If you have a sister, you know it's all too true that she's the best friend you'll ever have, and also possibly your lifelong arch nemesis. You've known each other for longer than you can even remember, and definitely understand each other's upbringing. I mean, duh, you were right by each other's sides through it all.

Sometime between the years of stealing clothes, fighting about boys, and complaining about lack of space, your friendship with your sister begins to change. Your sister truly becomes one of your best friends. Maybe it's triggered by one of you going off to college, or maybe one of you got a new job and moved out. But it's true; your relationship with her just isn't the same in your 20s as it was in your teens.

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1. You Fight Differently

When you were in your teens, an argument between you two would cause some serious damage. Between slammed doors, shouts, and stolen belongings littering the hall between your rooms, it was definitely World War III. Did I forget to mention these shouting matches were a daily occurrence?

In your 20s, though, things are different. You fight, but rarely. When you do fight, it's out of love more than red, hot anger. It's over her new boss not treating her right, or the boy you're seeing who won't take things to the next level. You know that when you fight, it's for good reason, but that doesn't mean it doesn't sting. Sometimes, your fights now take a longer to heal from, though they happen less.

2. You Stop Using Mom And Dad As Mediators

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When you were in your teens, every squabble and insult was met with a call to mom or dad to break it up. They always knew the right advice to give, and made you guys apologize to each other in the end.

In your 20s, you both know you're far too old for that. Even if one of you is being irrational, you figure it out. Plus, you both agree not to give mom and dad any more ammo in thinking you both aren't fully functioning adults yet.

3. You Talk About The Future

When you were in your teens, you used to only talk about the present. From who wore what at school and what boy you're crushing on, to how annoying it was when mom and dad made you clean up, you were gossip queens.

In your 20s, you talk about each other's plan, hopes, and goals, and plot how to make them all happen. Sure, you still gossip, but it's a much different kind of gossip.

4. You Text Nonstop

When you were in your teens, you used to get so annoyed with her sitting in the same room. You legit screamed at her to get out when you wanted your peace and quiet. Literally, viscous AF.

In your 20s, whether you're bored at work or thinking about a funny memory, you're usually always texting her. Neither of you are ashamed when the answer to, "Who are you texting?" is always, "My sister." You wouldn't trade her for the world.

5. You Wish You Still Lived In The Same House

When you were in your teens, you used to dream about the days you wouldn't be forced to share a bathroom. Every morning you'd set your alarm a bit earlier just to beat her to get to the shower first.

In your 20s, though, you know how hard it is living with roommates... and much prefer your OG roommate. Plus, you're down a closet. #Struggle.