7 Ways "Your Person" Helps Heal Your Broken Heart More Than Anyone Else Ever Could

It's no secret that Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy helped each other get through tragedies, obstacles, and sadness. It's what you sign up for when the stars align and someone fits the mold to be "your person." Needless to say, there are some ways "your person" can help heal your broken heart more than anyone else. Essentially, they do it with ease, and you almost forget that you were ever hurt in the first place.

Like shoes, heartbreaks come in different sizes and styles. And sadly, when the untimely moment arrives, someone has to wear it. We can't control the people who break our hearts, but we have a say in who helps us in the recovery process. Hands down, "your person" couldn't be any more perfect to have by your side in your time of heartache.

As much as you don't want to drown them in your overflow of emotions, this is the time you need them the most. Honestly, "your person" gets the benefits of seeing you at your best and helping you at your worst. That's why the two of you go so well together, because you know life and friendship isn't always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, it's reminding the other one about those previously mentioned, magical things while withstanding a storm. When you're seemingly holding your broken heart in your hand, expect "your person" to swoop in, hold it with you, and guide you on your way to healing in more ways that one.

They'll Let You Get Over It At Your Own Pace

Sometimes, humans do this selfish thing where we consider people's down time as an inconvenience for us. We just want them to get over it at our own pace, not theirs.

Your BFF knows that all heartbreaks heal differently and in their own time. Of course, they aren't going to let you mercilessly suffer on your own, but they aren't going to immediately push you, either.

They Won't Scold You During Your Weak Moments

Heartbreaks happen in flurries. One moment you think you're over it, and the next, you're trying your best to hold back the tears. Your BFF won't criticize you for going back and forth. Emotions are testy, and sometimes we have no control over when they demand to be felt or what triggers them.

They'll Remind You Who You Are

Some heartaches have the potential to ruin us to the point where we may even lose self-value or forget who we are outside of the relationship. Yeah, it's rough stuff. Luckily, "your person" will always be that little piece of you tucked away for moments like this.

They'll Genuinely Enjoy Your Company

Again, getting your heart broken can make you feel a little bit unwanted. Having a person around who genuinely enjoys your company will give you back more and more of your self-worth.

Need a reminder of how awesome you are? Well, sit back, because "your person" may take awhile explaining all of the amazing qualities.

They'll Make You Laugh, Even When You Don't Want To

Laughter heals everything, even when all you really want to do is be woken when it's all over. There's nothing better than having that person who can make you laugh doing little to nothing at all. It's so genuine and sweet, that even if you tried, you couldn't hold a straight face to save your life.

They'll Listen, Even If You're Repeating Yourself

When we are in pain, we tend to go in circles when it comes to talking about it. We don't know where to start, and in the midst of us trying to pinpoint where things may have gone wrong, we repeat like crazy. Thankfully, you have one of the most understanding people by your side who's ready to listen as many times as you need.

They Won't Sugarcoat The Truth

Coddling is the last thing you need when you are trying to pioneer through some old-fashion heartbreak. If you did something wrong, you need to hear it in order for you to move forward. Even if you didn't do anything wrong, and you were just ignorant to red flags, you have to hear that, too. "Your person" has no problem voicing the truth to you. They don't want you living in denial.

Your BFF is there for the ups, downs, and even a mixture of both. You may have your heart broken, but with them, it's not staying that way for long.