8 Ways Your Best Friends Since Day One Complete You Like No One Else Could

True best friends can be difficult to find, but when once you do lock down your forever crew, you hold onto them tight. You may have a bunch of friends, but you know that your relationship with your besties is something completely different. It's at times indescribable how you can click so easily like missing puzzle pieces who have now found each other, but there are certain things that perfectly define how your best friends complete you.

Time is a true measurement of how a friend turns into a best friend, but there are also times when you just meet someone and know right away that they are BFF material. It helps when you're able to share these eight things together that make a friendship the forever type. That line from Jerry Maguire isn't exclusively reserved for couples. You can tell your best friends, "You complete me," and they'll know exactly what you mean. It's like you're soul sisters.

I'm always happier whenever my best friends are around. Even on my worst days, I can laugh until I cry, because they're there to crack me up. I'm also totally comfortable hanging out with them, not doing anything at all. In fact, some of our greatest memories are days when we're relaxing, watching Netflix. It's because when you're with your best friends, you can make the laziest of Sundays the most fun days ever, and that's why they are your crew.

They Get Your Sense Of Humor
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Not everyone has the same sense of humor. You may laugh at something until tears start rolling down your cheeks, but someone else may be thinking, "WTF?" You know you've found your best friends when they're right there laughing with you, even at your corniest jokes.

They Bring Out The Yin To Your Yang
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Some say opposites attract, and even though you and your besties have so much in common, there are times when you can be total opposites. That's what makes your friendship so beautiful.

You Speak Your Very Own Language

Besties are on the same level so much that you pretty much have your own secret language. You can have shorthand conversations that no one else understands, or give each other glances that mean a whole paragraph. This is why you're the perfect charades team.

You Feel Totally At Ease When They're Around

When you've found your perfect match, you feel completely comfortable with them. You never feel pressured to go out on a Friday night, because not doing anything with your besties is kind of the best. You value girls' nights in with your crew, complete with cozy blankets, popcorn, and a good rom-com.

You Accidentally Find Yourself #Twinning All The Time
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Great minds think alike, and you and your besties are pretty much always on the same wavelength. Oftentimes, you find yourselves showing up to brunch or a night out wearing a similar outfit. Of course, a #twinning selfie is required.

You Feel Comfortable Sharing Everything Together

From clothes to secrets, you feel comfortable sharing anything and everything with your BFFs. You know that they will keep it a secret who you're crushing on, while also taking really good care of your fave sweater when they borrow it.

No Subject Is Off The Table When You Talk

From embarrassing #TBT stories to stressful vent sessions, anything goes with your crew. You never have to question if it's alright to tell your besties something super personal, because they're always down to listen.

You Can Always Lean On Them When You Need Something

When you're having not the best of days, you know you have your crew to lean on. They are flexible enough to be anything you need, like a shoulder to cry on, the best ears for listening, and they also give you the most comforting hugs you've ever had. Your best friends are basically there to catch you if you fall, and you'd do the same for them.