How You Made The Nice List This Year, According To Your Zodiac Sign

It's not too difficult to tell the difference between what's right and what's wrong. After all, we've got rules, laws, and karma to keep us in check. And while I'm not here to discuss ethics with you, I'm willing to bet you spend most of your life feeling guilty about your actions rather than proud of them, which is so sad. None of us are perfect, and we do our damn best in spite of it, which is why I'm here to remind you how you made the 2018 nice list, according to your zodiac sign. I mean, didn't it all start with Santa? Be a bad kid, and you got a lump of coal. Be a good one, and you got all the presents in the world.

While there's merit in a parent trying to keep their kids under control, do you think these conditions may have turned us into nervous adults? At the end of the day, we've all got reasons to make the "nice" list, no matter how "naughty" you've been. Instead of going over every single one of your screw ups over the past year, I want you to remember all the many reasons why you are so loved, awesome, and necessary. Even Santa knows that.

Aries: Motivating And Championing Others

You are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the people you love. You will be the loudest fan in their audience, the biggest ball of energy in their corner, and you will root for them until you take your last breath. There's nothing you love more than watching your friends embrace their true bad ass.

Taurus: Being So Loyal And Reliable

If someone is lucky enough to have you as a friend, they've scored big on loyalty. You will never break a promise, tell a secret, drop your plans, or do anything even remotely flaky. You are a rock, and your loved ones know that. Without you, I bet all your friends would drift away. You're the one who keeps them grounded and safe.

Gemini: Making Life So Interesting

You'll stop at nothing to make sure your loved ones are having a blast. If the party is boring, you'll spice things up. If your friend is hurting, you'll take their mind off of it with some serious fun. You truly understand the joy that everyone needs, and you'll set anything aside to make sure that a frown gets turned upside-down.

Cancer: Being So Emotionally Nurturing

You remember all the little things about your loved ones. You give compliments that shine a light on someone's soul. You tell people exactly what they need to hear when they're feeling depressed. They should charge you for your therapeutic services, but you gladly give them away from free. You are love personified.

Leo: Sharing Your Generosity

Nothing makes you happier than putting a smile on someone's face and being responsible for their happiness in that moment. You love giving gifts, offering great opportunities, and being an integral part of your loved one's success. Generosity comes so naturally to you that you don't even realize you're doing it.

Virgo: Always Lending A Helping Hand

You will bend over backwards to make someone else's life easier. You will assist them on projects, help them run errands, and extend yourself in any way that you can. You don't even expect a 'thank you,' for it either. You just want to watch your friends succeed, and if you can help, you won't think twice before doing it.

Libra: Making Everyone Feel Special

Even though you've got countless friends, you have a way of making everyone feel as though they're your best friend. You get to know everyone on an intimate level and you see their best selves shine through. You help your loved ones get over their insecurities and see their beauty the way you see it.

Scorpio: Helping Others Heal & Grow

You are the one person your loved ones know will never judge them. You're not afraid of their darkness and you can handle the truth. Your loved ones trust you with their heaviest feelings because they know you can help them through it. The power of transformation runs through you and you are capable of working miracles.

Sagittarius: Taking Everyone On Adventures

You help everyone overcome their fear, let go of their inhibitions, and embrace the joy of the present moment. With you at their side, anyone knows they're about to have a night they'll never forget. You give people memories that will last a lifetime, and you show your loved ones that they're capable of more than they ever realized.

Capricorn: Pushing Others Toward Success

Your no-nonsense, no-bullsh*t mentality is a gift to so many people. Your loved ones know that you'll always tell them the truth and that you'll always point them in the right direction. Your wisdom is deep, and whenever someone is feeling confused, you know just how to help them focus and push through till' the end.

Aquarius: Fighting For Justice And Freedom

You are the last person to let injustice slide. You stand up for your friends, you fight for what's right, and you'll sacrifice anything for your community. You're a warrior for your loved ones, someone who has a strong set of morals, and you always go out of your way to make sure your friends get the appreciation they deserve.

Pisces: Being So Selfless With Others

When it comes to your loved ones, your ego has nothing to do with it. What truly brings you joy is seeing your friends happy, and you'd give the shirt off your back to make someone's life easier. You teach people how to let go of their worries and concerns, reminding them that the world is so much bigger than their problems.