Now That Venus Is In Taurus, Your Relationships Are In For *Major* Shakeups

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You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach? In astrology, Venus is the planet who's responsible for that feeling. After all, Venus is the goddess of affection and beauty. You might know all about how Venus rules over romance and inevitably tinkers with your love life. However, did you know she also influences all your other relationships as well? If you're curious about what kind of connections you're soon to make, then you'll want to know how Venus in Taurus 2019 will affect your relationships, according to your zodiac sign.

When Venus enters Taurus on May 15, it will launch a beautiful and enchanting time for romance, friendship, and even business. Why is this transit so special? Well, Venus rules over Taurus and Libra, so she's known for being extra generous and loving when she's in one of her home signs. Since Taurus is associated with luxury, stability, loyalty, and perseverance, there are so many ways to benefit from its energy. This is a perfect time to enjoy the spice of life with your loved ones. Eat good food, listen to gorgeous music, and go on a spa date together. However, Venus in Taurus is also when you can join forces with a business partner and come up with a genius financial plan. Of course, if you're just here for the romance, there's no better time to take your relationship to the next level.


Your relationships will be infused with stability and loyalty. This is the time to work through trust issues and make sure you're feeling secure with the people you spend time with. This is the best time to go on shopping dates with your loved ones and to spend money on gifts.


You're radiating charm and charisma. Everyone wants to be in your life right now. You're bound to meet lots of new people who admire you, and your current relationships will be strengthened. Make sure to avoid energy vampires, as some people might try to take advantage of you.


You're feeling more introverted and you want to spend time with people who truly know you. You might even want some alone time. Let this period of calm solitude help you get to know yourself on a deeper level so you can create more worthwhile relationships down the line.


You're feeling incredibly social and in the mood to connect with large swathes of likeminded people. You can make so many new friends during this time and possibly even work on a community project. You might realize you have more in common with a certain group than you thought.


You're feeling inspired to connect with people who can help you in your career and encourage you to go after your dreams. You're likely to meet people who can help you with your goals. You might even join forces with someone in your life and start getting serious about a project.


Your relationships will radiate a sense of adventure and you'll feel like joining your loved ones for a road trip, a festival, or any kind of unforgettable experience. It's time to do something together that could change your perspective. You'll probably make new friends spontaneously.


You're bound to become more deeply invested in your relationships and you'll want to surround yourself with people who truly get you and truly care about you. A relationship may undergo a major transformation in which you both help each other heal. Open your heart.


You're in the mood to spend time with your one and only. This is a beautiful time to establish a commitment with someone and to truly understand the meaning of partnership. Perhaps you'll go into business with someone, make a new best friend, or even go from dating to defining the relationship.


You're in the mood to join forces with others and better yourself. This is a great time to get a workout buddy, a study buddy, or simply hang out with someone you can get work done with. If you've got errands to run, you'll get them done with way more enjoyment if you're with someone.


You really need to have fun in your relationships right now, so infuse them with creativity. Go dancing at a club, paint together, share a bottle of wine, and make sure you're laughing. Hang out with people who help you get in touch with your inner child and feel free to flirt.


Your relationships will be strengthened with a sense of family. You'll want to be around people who truly make you feel at home and know how to take care of you. If someone isn't giving you that safe feeling, you should rethink that relationship or worry about it later.


You're in the mood to be around smart and intellectually fascinating people. You want to have interesting conversations and feel as though you've learned something from hanging out with someone. This social energy will give you so many ideas and you should feel inspired by others.

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