"Waking" Your iPhone X Without A Home Button Is So Much Easier Than It Sounds

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Whenever you buy a super high-tech device, chances are you overlook some of the simpler features that come along with it. Why? Because you're so into all of the groundbreaking new technology that you forget about the little things that make your life a bit easier. One example is the ability to "wake" your phone up with the tap of a button. As you know, the Home button on iPhones help users easily brighten the screen with a simple push, but what happens when you take the Home button away? If you own Apple's iPhone X, you're probably stuck with this question. If that's the case and you're wondering how to wake iPhone X, I'll show you. It's so simple.

Before we continue, let's just makes sure everyone here knows what "waking" your iPhone means. Basically, "waking" up your iPhone is exactly what it sounds like... because you're literally waking it up. Whenever you don't use your iPhone for a long period of time, the screen usually goes black. When it does that, you can say it's "sleeping." When you wake your phone up, the screen brightens and you're able to see your notifications. You probably do it one million times a day without even knowing what it's called (you're welcome). For those of you without an iPhone X, waking up your phone can be done by pressing the Home button. However, as I've previously stated, this isn't the case with Apple's newest product.

How To Wake iPhone X

To wake up your iPhone X without a Home button, all you need to do is tap anywhere on the Super Retina display (aka, your screen). That's literally it. Once you tap on your phone's black screen, it will automatically wake up and brighten so you can see your notifications, check the time, or do whatever else it is that you do while looking at your lock screen.

Another way you can wake your phone up is by simply lifting it so it's upright and facing you. This will also bring you straight to your lock screen without needing to tap anything.

Speaking of your lock screen, I should probably tell you a pretty important detail about this little hack. Once you wake your phone up, the lock screen is all you'll see unless you trigger Face ID to unlock your phone. If you don't use Face ID (or your passcode) to unlock the phone, your device will only show you the lock screen when you tap it. That's totally fine if you just want a quick peak — but if you want to get into your phone, you're going to have to take the next step.

Unlocking Your iPhone

If you wish to unlock your phone after waking it up, you should utilize the facial recognition feature, which helps make Face ID possible. In order to unlock your phone with Face ID, all you need to do is raise your phone to wake it up, glance at your display screen, and simultaneously swipe up to get to your Home screen. If your phone doesn't recognize your face right away, it might ask you to type in your passcode. If it does, type it in, and that will automatically unlock your phone.

Unlocking your phone isn't the only cool thing you can do with facial recognition, though. Thanks to the interactive new feature, you can play with Animojis (my new favorite pastime). Animojis are basically emojis that mimic your facial expressions and record your talking. After your record yourself as an Animoji, you can send it to your friends and family as an iMessage or .MOV file.

Before you do any of this though, keep in mind that you'll need to first learn how to "wake" up your phone — so get practicing!

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