A group of friends all smile for a selfie picture as colorful confetti falls all around them.
9 Glitter IG Story Filters That'll Really Make Your Selfies Stand Out

A fun way to up your content game is by using filters when you're posting on your IG Story. If you really want to make your stories shine, glittery ones might be the way to go. But, it's more than simply adding a filter and you're done. You need to know how to use Instagram glitter filters properly to make the most of your selfies, candids, and Boomerangs.

You want to make sure your snap is still the center of attention, and your glittery additions help make it pop (and not take away from it). It'll also come in handy knowing which filter to use for which kind of pic you're taking. For a foodie pic, you might want to use a subtle glitter filter that adds a little touch of sparkle to your already aesthetically-pleasing dish. If you're snapping a selfie with the sun glowing on your cheek, use a filter that adds glittery makeup to your lewk. You can even use a glittery border to surround your adorable pup who's taking a snooze.

It's easy to achieve the right amount of shine if you use any of the glittery filters on this list. Just remember to save these effects to your account, so they're easy to pull up when the time is right. That way, you'll never miss a chance to shine.

_GlitterDebee by @_debeemama

With every blink, your eyes will be surrounded by glitter thanks to the _GlitterDebee filter by @_debeemama. This glittery choice is great for selfies where you want to highlight an eye look you're debuting from your new eyeshadow palette.

Tenderness & glitter by @takayanikanova

Add a bit of gold glitter all around with the Tenderness & glitter filter from @takayanikanova. This filter features little golden flecks of light that move around. While it's perfect for any videos or Boomerangs you want to snap, this filter can also be used for still snaps if you time the sparkles just right.

Glitter & doodles by @breakingschemes

Give your selfies a full glitter backdrop with this Glitter & doodles filter from @breakingschemes. This filter adds a silver glitter background to your snaps without you having to look for a green screen. This can be a fun filter to try with your bestie, pretending you're in a glittery photo booth.

Glitter & Gloss by @igorsaringer

Add some glitter to your eyes without having to touch your makeup at all. This Glitter & Gloss filter by @igorsaringer will instantly give you a glittery eye look. You can even choose between six colors depending on what outfit you're wearing.

Glitter by @liubovdashevskaia_photo

The Glitter filter by @liubovdashevskaia is like a magical combo of star-like glitter that will shine all over your pics. This is perfect for any vacay photos from Disneyland, or a sweet happily ever after selfie with your partner.

Iridescent Glitter by @instagram

Have your glitter be the main focus with the Iridescent Glitter filter by @instagram. You might not even have to search for this one on your phone. It could be one of the featured filters that's already in your lineup, so you just need to find it and use it for iridescent snaps.

Glitter by @instagram

Another glittery filter by @instagram is the appropriately named Glitter filter. This one features gold glitter that falls from the top of your screen. You can make it rain gold glitter all around your pet for an adorable pic, or sprinkle your dishes with more than just salt and pepper.

Glitter by @victoriaaaali

Give your #OOTD snaps a very retro look with this Glitter filter by @victoriaaaali. The pink hue glitter accents would be perfect for a closet pic of you trying on a nostalgic outfit, or recreating your old high school lewks.

Glitter by @whatareuflexin

The Glitter filter by @whatareuflexin uses the different light to fill in your world with glitter. It even gives you options to switch up where you'd like the glitter to fill in.