Snapchat's New Animated Filters Will Make Your Holiday Snaps Sparkle

by Collette Reitz

Nothing says "Happy Holidays!" like Snapping a pic with a festive filter, and there's no place better than Snapchat to bring the holiday cheer to your selfies this time of year. If I'm being honest, I pretty much use Snapchat all year round, but there is just something special about adding that holiday spirit to the mix. You can also spruce up all of your Snaps this holiday season when you learn how to use Animated Filters on Snapchat.

Snapchat recently announced an exciting addition to their Creative Tools with the release of Animated Filters. Animated Filters are pretty much what they sound like: filters that move. You'll be able to add movement to your snaps once you take a picture or record a video. The Animated Filters will add some pizzazz to your Snapchat stories by sparkling, flashing, blooming, or changing colors.

Beginning Friday, Dec. 1, you'll also notice the arrival of holiday-inspired Animated Filters to ensure that your snaps are holly-jolly all throughout the holiday season. Once you get a look at the filter designs, you won't want to publish a Snapchat story without them.

They're super simple to use, too. All you have to do is swipe left or right once you've taken your picture or recorded your video, and then you can pick the Animated Filter of your choice. Full disclosure, you'll want to use all of them.

Check out the festive sparkle that Animated Filters can add to your snaps.

Other Animated Filters include a sparkling pink hearts-and-stars border and a wintry snow globe (complete with falling snow) adorned with the name of whichever state in which you happen to be celebrating the holidays. It's the perfect way to add some holiday cheer to those memories you'll be capturing in your snaps throughout the holiday season.

Once you've mastered the art of elevating your Snapchat stories with the addition Animated Filters, you can move on to playing with Snapchat's other addition to the Creative Tools. Animated Stickers are new to the Snapchat arsenal, and beginning Friday, Dec. 1, you can find more holiday-inspired Animated Stickers.

Check out the holiday cheer you can add to your Snaps all season long.


To double-up on making your Snaps festive AF (see: using Animated Filters and Animated Stickers), you can find the Animated Stickers by tapping the Sticker icon in the upper-righthand corner after you've taken your picture or recorded your video. You then choose from a list of Animated Stickers, in which the season Stickers are now available, and then you can add whichever Stickers enhance your holiday moments the best.

A Santa hat Animated Sticker will truly make your snowman stand out from the rest.


If you're all about the video when it comes to Snapchat, you'll want to make sure that you pin your Animated Stickers to something in the video. That way you can move or scale it however you want, without having the Sticker move around on you.

Once you begin playing around with the Animated Filters an Animated Stickers, you'll have no shortage of ways to make sure that your snaps are the most special holiday memories you've captured yet.

If you're indecisive when it comes to picking a filter, you can utilize this Snapchat feature that recognizes what's in your photo and then recommends complementary filters. If, for example, you're keeping it festive with Fido, Snapchat will offer up some colorful bone filters to jazz up your story.

With the holiday season in full swing, you can now make sure that your snaps are on point no matter how you celebrate. Whether you're whipping up a batch of hot chocolate or unwrapping gifts under the tree, Snapchat will have just the Filter you need.

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