A woman in Mickey ears laughs in front of a Mickey birthday wall at Disneyland.
How To Throw An Adult Mickey & Minnie-Themed Birthday That's Utterly Cool

Birthday party planning is a whole lot easier the minute you choose your theme. That's when all the ideas start flowing through your head. As a major Disney lover, it makes perfect sense to drift towards something that revolves around the two most iconic Disney characters: Mickey and Minnie Mouse. However, you might be wondering how to throw a Mickey and Minnie-themed birthday party as an adult that's anything but corny.

Of course, you know Disney has no age limit, but you also know a Mickey and Minnie-themed birthday party is totally different in your 20s than the one you enjoyed when you were five years old. While the ice cream cake and mouse ears are still totally invited to the fun, you may want to work any (or all) of these eight activities into your game plan as well. These things fit into the Disney theme, but your friends can enjoy them now.

It's essentially the perfect combination between sophisticated fun and that childhood nostalgia you can only expect when it comes to Disney. So break out your cutest pair of Mickey ears and rock some Minnie-inspired polka dots into your outfit, because it's time to ring in your special day.

Hire An Artist To Draw Mickey And Minnie-Inspired Portraits
Rachel Chapman

If you're having a big party, you might want to hire a caricature artist to sketch portraits for your guests. You can specifically find one who's willing to do Disney-style drawings, or just Mickey or Minnie sketches for your friends. This is a fun way for your guests to walk away with their very own party favor they'll want to frame.

Have A Mickey And Minnie-Inspired Cocktail Menu

If you're 21 or up, put together a fun Mickey and Minnie-inspired cocktail menu. You could do something punny like a Mouse Slide instead of a Mudslide or just something garnished with three cherries that are arranged to look like Mickey Mouse. You can also make an adult cookies and cream milkshake with two Oreos on top that look like those iconic ears.

Have Everyone Dress Like Mickey And Minnie

In the invite, ask all of your guests to dress like Mickey and Minnie. This doesn't mean they have to go out to a costume shop and buy something, but they can channel Mickey and Minnie's fashion with garments they already have in their closet. For instance, rock a polka dot dress or tee and a bow in your hair for that classic Minnie look.

Put Together A Mickey And Minnie Photo Booth

Nowadays, it's like you can't have a party without a photo booth. People need to be able to take some pics for the Insta, so set up a Mickey and Minnie-themed photo booth in the corner. Set up a variety of Minnie ears for your crew to rock and a cute Mickey-themed backdrop.

Have A Spread Of Mickey-Shaped Treats
Rachel Chapman

Just like Disney, you can have a bunch of Mickey-shaped snacks for your friends to enjoy. Combine three balls of cookie dough or mold your Rice Krispies Treats together so they resemble Mickey. You can even get some Mickey ice cream bars (, $6) from the store that look just like the ones served in the park.

Have DIY Mickey Ears For Your Guests

Get crafty at your party with a DIY project your friends will totally love. Order a pack of Mickey headbands (, $12) for your guests, and let them decorate them with different bows, sparkles, and gems. After rocking them in birthday selfies, your friends will have something truly ear-esistible to take home with them.

Play Your Favorite Mickey Cartoons

Don't forget to stream some of your favorite Mickey cartoons in the background for your friends to watch. You can even put together a YouTube playlist of some classic shorts and new cartoons to keep the magic going.

Stream A Disney-Inspired Playlist

Every party needs some tunes. A Mickey and Minnie one obviously need Disney ones. Put together a Spotify playlist of all your favorite Disney songs for you and your friends to sing (or scream-sing) along to. You can even take the birthday spotlight with Disney karaoke.