These Subtle Red Flags Could Mean You're About To Get Sick, So Here's What To Do

by Caroline Burke

When you're constantly on the move, it can be easy to miss the signals your body is trying to send to you about how you're really feeling. Knowing how to tell you're getting sick isn't necessarily a complicated process. It's more about taking the time to pay attention to your body, rather than rushing through your symptoms because you've got sh*t to do.

If you ignore the early symptoms of a cold or the flu, then you're not doing yourself any favors. Instead, you'll continue to put off treatment and rest, so that your body will eventually start to scream at you with a high-grade fever and a blasting headache, until you finally pay attention.

During a time when one of the deadliest flu epidemics on record is sweeping the nation, it's never been more important to pay attention to your body, especially in the moments when you're not feeling so hot. A common cold or flu can present itself through a variety of symptoms, almost all of which are totally detectable, if you're willing to actually acknowledge them. Let's be honest: It won't be the end of the world if you stay home from work or school for a day or two to recover.

Here are five ways your body will tell you that you may be getting sick.

You Have Full-Body Chills

Do you have goosebumps all over your body, and not the good kind? Are you roasting hot in the middle of the night, and then suddenly freezing?

Having full-body chills, shakes, or hot sweats is a sign that your body is struggling to regulate your internal temperature. This is most likely due to the fact that your immune system is working to fight off a foreign invader in your system. Let your body do its magic, but at least help it out by taking the time to just rest and recover.

You're Sneezing Or Coughing A Lot

If you're suddenly sneezing or coughing a ton, then you most likely are already sick — unless you have a serious allergy situation. Pay attention to how wet your coughing and sneezing is, and what color the, um, debris is when it comes out of your nose and mouth.

I know it sounds gross, but seriously, if you see anything green or yellow coming out, it could be a sign that you're coming down with something. Staying home from work will do you and everyone else a huge favor; no one wants to deal with the co-worker sneezing all over everything.

You Have A Low-Grade Fever

If your temperature's hovering around 99 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, but you're not sure if it's just because you're tired or something, you're most likely coming down sick.

A fever is one of the most obvious signs of the flu or cold, because similarly to chills or sweating, it's a sign that your body's having difficulty regulating your internal temperature. Something's out of whack, and the best thing you can do to fix it is to sleep, and take whatever medications your doctor suggests or prescribes to you.

You're Exhausted

Are you absolutely floored with exhaustion, even though you slept eight hours? In case you didn't know, your body actually needs way more sleep when you're sick than when you're feeling healthy.

According to Medical Daily, this is because the body releases a chemical called FLP-13 when your body is under attack by a virus or infection, which makes you feel sleepy so that your body can rest while your immune system works to fight whatever's making you feel ill. Listen to FLP-13, guys. Do what it says.

You Can't Smell Or Taste Anything, And You're Not Even Hungry Anyway

When half of your senses are rendered totally useless, it's a pretty likely sign that your congestion is trying to tell you something. Combine that with a total lack of appetite, and yeah, you're probably under the weather.

Be sure to check with a doctor about the best way to treat your symptoms. Otherwise, turn on your favorite Netflix show, snuggle up under the covers, and wait it out for a day or two. Your body will thank you.