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What Each Zodiac Sign Acts Like When They're Truly In Love With You

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In your eyes, your relationship is starting to look a lot like love — but is it? What if your partner thinks of this as a friends-with-benefits type of situation? What if you're just their rebound? What if you're actually misinterpreting all the signs? A million what-ifs could be circling through your head, which is why it can be so helpful to know what the zodiac signs are like when they're in love. The importance of knowing this before you say, "I love you," can't possibly be more stressed.

Everyone has their little quirks that they let slip when they're really in love. Some people are just more direct about it, coming right out and saying that they're head over heels. Others might be more nervous with words, letting the fact that they're inviting their SO on countless dates speak for itself. Which one is your sweetheart more like? Better read on and find out:


If an Aries is in love with you, they'll pursue you relentlessly, never ceasing to take the opportunity to show you affection or prove that you're their heart's desire. You may even feel a bit overwhelmed. An Aries doesn't speak in riddles when they're in love; you'll know exactly where they stand.


At first, your lovestruck Taurus may be reserved, protecting their heart. It's only because when they fall, they fall hard. They start wanting to make concrete commitments with you, like having you meet their parents, bringing you as their date to important functions — anything that lets the world know that you're their one and only. A Taurus has their eye on the future when it comes to relationships.



You'll know a Gemini is all about you when they just cannot shut up about you. They'll tell all their loved ones about your dorky laugh, your heroic efforts at work, how beautiful the restaurant you took them to was. They'll also start sending you paragraph-long texts full of emojis and affection. If a Gemini runs out of words for you, then you should worry.


If your Cancer has teared up over some of the sweet things you've done for them, it's a huge sign that they love you. This sign is upfront about their emotions and love is their favorite feeling. You'll start feeling like they'd do anything for you, like they care about your needs before their own. A Cancer's love is fierce and it's hard to miss.


A Leo wants to be the most important person in the world to you when they're in love. They want to be your protector, your hero, the person you rely on for all your emotional needs. A Leo also shows you off like the most precious gem there is, letting everyone know that they're in love with you, wanting to scream it at the top of their lungs.


This is actually one of the more difficult signs to read. They'll do whatever they can to hide their true feelings out of fear of being hurt. However, you'll know it through their actions. They're chivalrous, considerate, and they give you a lot of gifts when they're in love. They prove their affection for you through physical means rather than words.


A Libra may be hot and cold when they're starting to really fall for you. One minute, they're going above and beyond with the romance and the next, they hold back. That's only because they're so obsessed with maintaining balance, and love seriously tips the scales. They freak out a little bit. If your Libra seems like they're a bit frazzled, chances are that they love you.


A Scorpio in love is seriously worried. They've already completely decided to devote themselves to you and the thought of you breaking their heart destroys them. However, if you can make them feel safe, they'll be forthcoming about the depth of their love. This sign has no doubt in their mind that you're perfect, and chances are, they've already envisioned you two getting married.



Your Sagittarius is in love when they want to travel the world with you or try a new hobby with you by their side. They'll be your ride-or-die, wanting you to join them on all their spontaneous escapades. If they're running off without you or complaining that they're bored, then you should be worried. A Sagittarius just wants to have fun and if they love you, you're the most fun person for them to be around.


If a Capricorn loves you, you'll definitely know it. This sign does not waste time playing hard to get or involving themselves in mind games. They want to know where they stand with you and they'll come right out and admit their feelings just so they can save themselves a lot of pain and frustration if you don't reciprocate it.


An Aquarius is one of the more elusive signs, making it difficult to know if they really love you. Saying the words, "I love you," is terrifying for them and could take a while. However, you'll know where their heart's at if they spend all their time with you. They disappear from their loved ones' lives all the time, and if they make an exception for you, you must be pretty special.


You will be living and breathing romance if a Pisces is in love with you. They make sure of it. A Pisces goes above and beyond with the clichés: writing poems about you, bringing you chocolates and flowers, the works. They look at you like they've been looking for you all their life, like you're the missing ingredient that completes them.

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