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Every Relationship Has A Sign — Here's What Yours Says About Your Love Life

Everything has a sign in astrology. People, creatures, countries — even the Empire State Building. The same could be said for relationships, too. Every relationship is born under one of the 12 zodiac signs, and it could say a lot about your love life, past, present, and future.

By now, you and your significant other probably know your astrological compatibility, based on the dates, times, and locations of your individual births. But what about the birthday of your love match? Your first date can show the dominant theme of your life together. Here's what your relationship zodiac sign is and what it says about your love life:

The Aries Relationship

First Date: March 21–April 19

You two have a knack for competing with each other. This relationship is about play fights and love bites, but if you can team up to fight for a cause (or as a mean martial arts unit of two), you'll find that your most intimate moments are better. This is a fast-moving relationship with some hot-headed moments at times. Slowing down and cooling off is a good idea. You will never be bored, but this can burn out quickly, unless you develop deeper patience.

The Taurus Relationship

First Date: April 20–May 20

Money matters in the Taurus relationship, so the bill-splitting (or not) on the very first date will reveal a lot about the future of your love. One of you may be more materialistic or a tad on the greedy side. Together, you can make or save a lot of money, or even raise big funds for a notable cause. If your values agree, you could both invest as a couple. At worst, though, the way at least one of you values money can produce the kind of relationship where you count the costs of love — especially if you move in together — in dollars and cents.


The Gemini Relationship

First Date: May 21–June 20

There is a lot of typing or talking in the true Gemini love match, but you need to periodically remember that you exist below the neck. Finding the deepest emotions and strongest sexual connections can be difficult, as this relationship is very much about flirting and joking. You'll have a private language or make up inventive nicknames. Gemini rules words, and both of you know how to talk dirty when you want to get down to business.

The Cancer Relationship

First Date: June 21–July 22

This relationship is highly emotional and extremely sensitive. Family is everything to at least one of you; much of your relationship will depend on how you get along with each other's parents, siblings, and friends, because Cancer rules the clan. Soon, you may find that your priorities will shift to conversations about the future, including sharing a living space, walking down the aisle, maybe even starting a family of your own. While it may seem too fast for one of you, know that there’s potential for this relationship to last a lifetime, so give it a real chance.

The Leo Relationship

First Date: July 23–Aug. 22

You are a class act together, and look great at parties or events. You are not unlike William and Kate, or Meghan and Harry, as you step out together and put on your best face. What happens behind closed doors, however, could be a different matter. If one of you tries to be King or Queen, while the other feels like a mere courtier, there will be trouble.

The Virgo Relationship

First Date: Aug. 23–Sept. 22

You two got together under the sign of Virgo, which rules diet and fitness, health, and well-being. You are both great at supplying the chicken soup or massages when help is required, but watch out for endless nitpicking about restaurants, menus, or certain vices. This relationship has to involve work, housekeeping, mutual gym sessions, or gardening to feel right. All of these things could definitely bring you closer. If you ever move in together, I’m sure the apartment will be spotless.

The Libra Relationship

First Date: Sept. 23–Oct. 22

This will either be a forever type of thing with a spectacular future — or a really long feud. Libra rules both love and war, so it all depends on how you two balance the scales together. This is a dream partnership based on equals, if you both work at it, and it will be completely free of prejudice. If one of you ever breaks the laws of love, though, you may need an actual lawyer on speed dial.


The Scorpio Relationship

First Date: Oct. 23–Nov. 21

This is an intensely physical relationship. It's probably very difficult to keep your hands off each other. I'd venture to guess that sex is one of the pillars of your relationship. If you stay together, the business, monetary, or charitable side of your love will take up increasing amounts of time and energy. You are a power couple in the making, but don't forget that scorpions can sting (or even eat) each other, so be very careful.

The Sagittarius Relationship

First Date: Nov. 22–Dec. 21

One of you brings a travel history into the relationship, or a very different cultural background. Who needs a vacation or the Discovery Channel when you two are around? You educate each other through your different heritages and experiences. You are not a stay-at-home couple, and need to get into nature or out of town as often as you can. You could easily move to a different region or country together if it gets serious.

The Capricorn Relationship

First Date: Dec. 22–Jan. 19

This relationship is built on your individual and mutual successes. If anything should get in the way of that, then you it might not make it, because Capricorn partnerships are about achievement and ambition. It's not enough for you two to just lie in bed, eat popcorn, and fool around in your pajamas. At least one of you will be focused on your career; traditional family matters may come second to promotion or a job.

The Aquarius Relationship

First Date: Jan. 20–Feb. 18

This is a light, breezy, and easy connection; you'll be pals, as much as you are partners, because friendship is incredibly important to both of you. I wouldn't be surprised if you met through mutual friends or through a group. (Aquarius rules teams, clubs, charities, bands, and Twitter.) You are both really good at harnessing people power. Emotion and deep passion, however? Not so much.

The Pisces Relationship

First Date: Feb. 19–March 20

You both specialize in communication without words and the sex is deeply intuitive. You are also more sensitive when you are together. Feeling emotionally vulnerable can be an issue, unless you both learn to pull back from all the feels. The relationship can feel like a vacation from the real world, all about candles and baths, and music brings you together. Just remember to pay the rent on time and you'll be golden.

Jessica Adams began her career as an astrologer at Elle in South Korea, Vogue in Australia, and Cosmopolitan in England. She forgot all about her college degree in philosophy and turned to the stars instead. Jessica has the planet Ceres in the globetrotting sign of Sagittarius and lives between a yacht and a tiny house in Australia. Find her @jessicacadams and