Here's How To Stream 'Pitch Perfect 3' Songs So You Can Become A Barden Bella

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The last chapter of the Pitch Perfect saga is upon us, but fans of the Barden Bellas don't have to say goodbye to their favorite a cappella superstars for good. Pitch Perfect 3 is packed to the brim with inventive and addicting covers of some of your favorite pop songs, so after you see the movie, you can keep reliving the magic by playing and replaying the soundtrack to your heart's desire. Here are all the ways to stream the Pitch Perfect 3 soundtrack that will let you jam along with the Bellas even after they make their final bow on the big screen.

Just like the past two movie soundtracks, the soundtrack to Pitch Perfect 3 is filled with so many fun pop covers that it is hard to even pick a favorite. For the new movie, the Bellas perform new takes on both pop classics and recent Top 40 hits, including Britney Spears' "Toxic," Sia's "Cheap Thrills," DNCE's "Cake by the Ocean," and Elle King's "Ex's and Oh's." And of course, it also has a song-jumping mash-up "Riff Off" track that has come to be a staple in the movies.

The first two soundtracks both gave birth to one standout hit that went from the big screen to find success on the radio, so it will be interesting to see what that will be (or if it will happen) for Pitch Perfect 3. After the first movie, Anna Kendrick went from an actress to a Billboard-charting artist thanks to one plastic cup. Her viral cover of the Carter Family song "When I'm Gone" using a cup to provide the beat went on to become a radio smash in 2013 called "Cups." Pitch Perfect 2 featured the first original song in the franchise: "Flashlight" was performed in the movie by Hailee Steinfeld and also covered by Jessie J on the soundtrack. That song went on to be a crossover radio hit as well.

You can check out all the new songs from the Barden Bellas by streaming the Pitch Perfect 3 soundtrack on Spotify or Apple Music. Start listening to the new tracks below and find your favorite:

Although Pitch Perfect 3 is hitting theaters on Friday, Dec. 22, the soundtrack actually came out a week ahead of time, so it is already available online. Fans should soak up this new soundtrack, because sadly, it will be the last one from the beloved a cappella franchise. The movie has been marketed as the "Farewell Tour" in press and ads leading up to its release, and star Anna Kendrick shared with People that Pitch Perfect 3 feels like a finale on the franchise, and the cast and crew are cool with that:

It certainly does feel like it’s the finale. We are all at peace with the idea that it would make sense if this was the last one.

Although this is goodbye, Pitch Perfect 3 promises to be a sweet sendoff. The new movie is bringing back all of the Barden Bellas for one last show as part of an a cappella competition on a USO tour. Earlier this year, Anna Camp teased that the third movie will stand apart from the past two genre-wise, shifting a bit from the straight-up musical comedy of the first two films to include a lot more action sequences. And while the movie will bring back all your old favorites, it's also introducing some new faces, such as Ruby Rose, John Lithgow, and DJ Khaled.

Pitch Perfect 3 is singing its way into theaters on Friday, Dec. 22, just in time for the holidays.