6 Ways To Stay Inside On A Date Without Having To Invite Someone Over

by Jamie Kravitz

The weather outside is frightful, and yet the prospect of a date is still delightful. However, you might not be quite ready to invite said date over to your apartment. Maybe you don't want to hook up just yet, you don't want someone you just met in your place, or perhaps you just want to get out of the house. Whatever your reason, you need to know how to stay inside on a date, you know, without suggesting the two of you Netflix and chill. Unfortunately, you will have to brave the cold to get to these spots, but that's what Uber and Lyft are for, right? So the next time you're planning a winter date, consider these six ways to keep it cozy, without inviting the person over to your place.

As a bonus, many of the options below include alcohol and/or food. Plus, each item on this list is guaranteed to be much more eventful than re-watching The Office for the 100th time. The best part of these indoor date ideas, though, is that you can wear a cute outfit under your bulky coat, and your date will actually have the chance to see it. So here are six ways to keep warm inside on a date.

1. Book A Paint Night

Paint nights have become super popular, so go find out what all the hype is about if you haven't already. Here are some potential reasons: First, you're usually drinking wine during the event. And second, you get to leave with a piece of art you created yourself. Be sure to check Groupon for deals before you go, and reserve your spots ahead of time, if possible.

2. Check Out An Arcade Bar

Bars with an arcade or board games are always fun spots to hit up, especially when the weather is bad. The overall atmosphere is usually chill and welcoming — perfect for cozying up to your date indoors. If you're in New York City, try Pioneers Bar for giant Jenga and Connect Four, or check out Barcade in Chelsea or the East Village. A4cade in Cambridge, MA, is another awesome spot.

3. Volunteer Together

You're fortunate enough to have the option to stay inside, but what about those who aren't so lucky? Take the time to volunteer at a food bank, a homeless shelter, or anywhere else that helps those less fortunate. Knowing that you're spending your date night doing good will keep you both feeling warm and happy.

4. Visit A Planetarium

See the night sky without having to brave the cold by going to a planetarium. What's more romantic than a darkened room and a (fake) sky full of stars? Some planetariums also use the space to do laser light shows synched to music, which makes for a unique date and a totally immersive experience.

5. Browse A Bookstore

This may be the English nerd in me, but a bookstore date feels so adorably romantic. Discuss your shared love of literature, or simply sit in the children's section and read picture books out loud. At the end of the night, you can both pick out a book for the other person. Promise to start reading them before your next date, and you'll definitely have something to talk about.

6. Go To Dinner And A Show

Dinner theater might feel cheesy, but it has all the best elements of a cold-weather date: food, warmth, and entertainment. Attend a murder mystery show, or go to Ellen's Stardust Diner in Times Square. If you'd prefer to just drink and snack during the performance, Drunk Shakespeare is another hilarious option.

These indoor date ideas are far from boring. Try one or two, or make it a goal to accomplish all six. While your friends and their dates are glued to the TV, you'll be making memories.

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