'Camp Getaway' is on Bravo

Here's How To Attend 'Camp Getaway' & Feel Like A Bravo Star


If you've ever been to summer camp, Bravo's new reality show might make you feel super nostalgic. Camp Getaway is a reality show focused on an adult summer camp, filled with drinking, burlesque classes, and plenty of drama among the counselors. But the camp itself isn't just a reality show concept dreamed up by producers; it's a real, functioning vacation spot. Here's how to stay at Camp Getaway, in case you want to relive your childhood, in a more ~adult~ way.

To book your adventure at the camp, which IRL is actually called Club Getaway, you can check out its website, which provides details on all it has to offer. The venue itself — located in Kent, Connecticut — is available to book for weddings and private events, but it also has facilities and staff for a variety of youth programs, family camps, and, as seen on Bravo, adults-only retreats.

If you want to make it a family event, you can check out the family camp program, which offers activities including bike trips, archery, hikes, water sports, zip-lining, art classes, and fitness programs, to name a few. Breakfast and lunch are included, and younger campers even get to take part in some kid-centric dinner parties (how elegant). For four days of fun, adult admission costs about $450 per person, and children are around $378 per person, but rates change depending on the dates you choose.

But if you're more interested in getting in on all the fun that's depicted on Bravo, you might want to check out the camp for adults, "where adventure is planned after breakfast, and evening parties are definitely on the agenda," according to the website. The camp provides "rustic-chic" cabins for campers to stay in, housekeeping, all meals — including wine with dinner — on-site activities, and even parties.

There are tons of activities to get in on, no matter where your interests lie. Are you a fitness fanatic? The camp has Zumba and hiking. Do you love sports? There's dodgeball and volleyball. Are you more of an indoors-y person? You could play boozy games like beer pong, Bloody Mary bingo, and slap cup.

The cost of a Friday to Sunday trip at the camp is about $429 per person, though that number changes depending on the weekend you choose. Some weekends even are themed; for example, there's an LGBTQ weekend and a young professionals weekend on the calendar this season.

As of now, the camp is still planning to open as usual for the summer, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Camp owner David Schreiber told local newspaper the Hartford Courant in April, “As of right now, I have not canceled any weekends,” he said. “We’re living it day-to-day like everybody else, depending on what does the CDC say, what does the government say.”

Camp Getaway airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.