How To Spice Up Your Relationship, According To Your Partner’s Zodiac Sign

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At the start of a relationship, you feel high off of love. You're floating two feet above the ground, butterflies are raging in your stomach, and there's a silly-stupid smile plastered on your face 24/7. All new things feel bright and shiny at first — that is, until it stops feeling so new. If you're worried about your love life becoming as predictable as they end of a romantic comedy, take note of how to spice up your relationship, according to your partner's zodiac sign.

The spark has dimmed to a flicker, and you're not sure if the love is fading or if it just needs to be brought back to life. You know why relationships tend to grow stale? Because you're not going out of your way to make it as interesting as you once did. You're forgetting to see your partner with the same magic as you once did. Well, the good news is that the magic never dies. It only needs to be conjured once again, and by taking a look at the zodiac signs in your partner's birth chart, you can figure out exactly how that magic works for them. So, what are you waiting for? Get to romancing.



Do something that gets your heart racing and your blood pumping. Play a fierce game together. Attend a music festival, go rock climbing, or ride a roller coaster. Let your inner child come out to play and refuse to contain your passion. Experiences are what your Aries wants.


Do something luxurious and sensual with your Taurus. Visit a spa, cook dinner together, treat yourselves to an exquisite evening at the trendiest cocktail bar. Combine your forces to accomplish and build something together. Give your Taurus a gift — they can't resist gifts.


Make your Gemini blush with words. Engage in stimulating conversations and leave them clever love letters when they least expect it. Make them feel like the most intelligent person you've ever met. Make them laugh and be as spontaneous as you can. They love surprises.


The way to a Cancer's heart is through the home. Plan a special night in with their favorite foods and movies. Do something sweet for their family and incorporate them into your plans. Be vulnerable with them and make them feel nurtured and taken care of. Feel free to be gushy.


Go all out with the romantic gestures. Bring them flowers, give them compliments, listen to them when they confide in you, and give them a platform to be their best selves. Participate in an open mic night together, sing karaoke, and dance. A Leo wants to feel admired and adored.


If a Virgo had a love language, it would be acts of service. Do something that they hate doing for themselves. Clean the house, organize a mess, take care of errands for them. Or how about titillating their intelligence? Solve a mystery together, play an intellectual game, and be clever. They love being impressed.



Make your Libra feel like your one and only. Plan a romantic candle-lit dinner and break out the fancy champagne. Flirt with them as though it's your first date. Satisfy their taste with a visit to an art museum or a shopping trip. Make them feel beautiful. A Libra wants to be courted.


Depth is what your Scorpio truly needs. Tell them your deepest secrets and make them feel like they know you better than anyone in the world. Express your passion and desire for them. Spend quality alone time together. It wouldn't hurt to try something wild in the bedroom either.


Your Sagittarius does not want to sit still. They want your love to feel like an adventure. Plan a road trip together and see where you guys end up. Go to the beach and make it the most unique beach experience ever. Be over the top; be the couple so loud and fun, everyone notices.


To spice things up with your Capricorn, make them feel like you're a power couple. Help them achieve their goals and take part in their success. Let your ambitions combine and unfold. They can't resist chivalry either, so hold open the door for them and cook them a fancy dinner.


Your Aquarius doesn't play by the typical book. They'd rather you romance them in a way that speaks only to them. Take note of their quirky tastes and do something unique that you know they'd enjoy. They love company, so attend a party together or try double-dating.


Your Pisces is a hopeless romantic and a dreamer. Do something sappy, meaningful, and artistic with them. Paint together, attend a play, or recite a poem for them. Show them that you care about their feelings and hear them out. To make a Pisces feel understood is to love them.

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