Here's Who Can Shop Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Early & When They Can Start

If you're a beauty or fashion lover on any level, chances are you're trying to figure out how to shop Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale 2019 early, as it's got the year's best bundles and deals on top beauty brands from Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford To Drybar and Diptyque, not to mention tons of savings on the best fashion finds around. Seriously, I wait all season to shop this sale! And of course, I'm not the only one, which is why Nordstrom gives certain shoppers early access to get a leg up on the competition. Want first dibs? Read on for all you need to know to shop the sale in advance — and if anyone asks, you didn't hear it from me!

OK, I'm only joking about that last part, as the key to getting early access isn't actually a big secret. For most shoppers, the sale runs from July 19 through August 4, but if you're a Nordstrom cardholder, you can shop online and in stores before anybody else. Shout out to Nordstrom for ensuring their most loyal customers are able to access the goods before they sell out! Cardholders can shop in stores as early as July 12, and can get the same deals online on July 12 starting at 12:3PM EST. That gives them a full week to buy before the sale goes public — and if you're beauty-obsessed like me, you know you can get a lot of shopping done in seven days.

If you're really into snagging all the deals, you've probably already made a list of must-haves to shop when the sale goes live:

I swear, I spend more time preparing to shop this sale than I ever spent prepping for the SATs or tests in school. Clearly, I have my priorities in order! Still, if I had really done all my research (And had unlimited funds, LOL.), I would've made it a point to achieve Nordy Icon status by now, since these cardholders can shop even earlier than those already granted pre-sale access on July 12. Nordy Icons are the elite cardholders, and they can shop the sale in stores on July 9. Nordstrom Fashion Ambassadors, highschoolers that participate in the company's exclusive program, also gain super-early access on July 10, and both Icons and Ambassadors gain online access come July 11, which gives them a massive advantage over the rest of us, given that the sale opens for regular cardholders on July 12, and for everyone else on July 19.

If you've got one of these babies, know that I envy you!


Don't worry, though — whether or not you're shopping the sale early, there are still tons of deals to be had. No need for FOMO! In fact, Nordstrom has already released a list of beauty gifts-with-purchase, as well as an outline of the Glam-Up Days events, so if you haven't read the deets just yet, head over to the Nordstrom site now and take notes. Only a few more days until you can shop the sale for real!