You'll Be Able To Post Your Instagram Story To Your Facebook Story Soon, Here's How

by Brenda Santana

Do you use Facebook Stories? Yeah, neither does anyone else, but that might not be the story for much longer. Turns out Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) will now allow its users to cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Which means that Facebook Stories are about to get really lit — or at the very least — more people will begin using it. If you are really into the idea of having no privacy and want to learn how to post Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories, then keep reading below.

The first order of business is to head over to your app store and check if there are any Facebook or Instagram updates available. If there are, make sure you update both apps so that the new feature works properly. Now, if you want to become a social media whiz kid and post your IG Stories to your FB Story, here is what you have to do: Once you created a new Story on Instagram and you are ready to post, you will see an option on IG that says "share as a Facebook Story."

If you indeed choose to cross-pollinate and share your IG Story to FB, then you just send it to Facebook and that's it! Pretty easy right? Tech Crunch reports that the feature will be rolling out soon to users of both apps and as of right now, you still can't do the reverse and post FB Stories to IG Stories, but the idea is not out of the question.

Think about all the time you will save now that you no longer have to download your IG Story and and re-upload it Facebook. You can take up a new hobby, organize your room, or you can even spend quality time with loved ones now that you have all of this extra time on your hands. OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get what I mean.

Saving precious time aside, uploading your IG Stories to FB might give you that internet fame you seek. See, when you upload a Story to Instagram, odds are only the people who will actually see it are people who follow you — especially if your page is private. But posting your IG Story to Facebook will result in way more views (depending on how many Followers you have on FB). So basically, you can now feel like Kylie Jenner and you have Facebook to thank.

And who knows, maybe sometime in the future Facebook will allow cross-posting between all of its apps, including Whatsapp and Messenger, both owned by Facebook.

Snapchat needs to tread lightly because Facebook is really trying to own the social media game, but Snap refuses to go down without a fight. Snapchat has recently released a bevy of new features including 3-D Bitmojis and awesome new Sky Filters.

I'd be lying if I said I don't log onto Snapchat everyday just to see what new activity my 3-D Bitmoji is taking part in. If you still haven't used 3-D Bitmojis, they are a lot of fun and I totally recommend trying them.

And don't even get me started on the Sky Filters, which allows Snapchat users to transform the skies around them into a beautiful sunset, a starry night, or a gorgeous rainbow-filled sky.

There is still no telling who will reign king when it comes to being the best social media app, but hey, at least we can enjoy them all!

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