4 Tips To Ensure Your Spontaneous Road Trip With The Girls Is Smooth Cruisin'

by Ciara Johnson

Have you ever considered embarking on a road trip? With summer right around the corner, you may want to start mapping out your route. Road trips allow you to visit new places with ease. You don't need to spend countless hours researching flights, you don't have to wait in long airport lines, and you don't have to worry about getting around your destination. Road trips are a breeze for those who need a last-minute getaway. You can slide over to a neighboring city or drive across state lines. If you're wondering how to plan a spontaneous road trip, I have you covered, so read on.

Road trips give you absolute freedom. You can stop at any point along the way or make a detour if you see something you love. You can go as far off the beaten path as you want, because you've got a way to get there. You can go as fast or slow as you want because you don't have a return ticket. You'll get the chance to do some serious bonding with friends, while experiencing the realities of a new destination. Grab your besties, pack your bags, put together a dope playlist, and hit the road for an experience that you'll never forget.

Plan For Emergencies
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So many things can occur on the road, so you best be prepared. You could run out of gas, your car battery could die, your car could stall out on you, or you could get a flat tire. Try to get your oil changed ASAP before you drive long distances. It may be best to rent a car if you're unsure that your car will make it. Head to the store before you leave to arrange an emergency car kit that includes jumper cables, flares, a gas tank, a first aid kit, flashlights, and other useful tools. Whether you've planned this trip months ahead or just the day before, this is a step that should not be skipped.

Download All Of The Apps
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Apps can help you feel prepared, even at the very last minute. You can download Google Maps to avoid getting lost, Hotel Tonight to find last-minute hotel deals, Roadtrippers to discover some pretty stellar spots, and Spotify for the perfect road trip playlist. Download playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks to keep the entire car entertained. You might drive through remote areas, so it's best to download the offline versions of these apps so that they can be used at all times. It's 2018, so don't be afraid to rely on technology to make sure things go smoothly.

Set A Solid Game Plan
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This may be a spontaneous road trip, but you should consider establishing a framework to get going. It's always a great idea to know where you want to go before decide to hit the road. It's worth spending the time to decide on a route. Do some research and identify which road stops you want to make to avoid missing out on some really cool sights for the 'Gram. Of course, leave room to go with the flow, but still have an idea of where you'd like to end up.

Establish Road Trip Roles
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Last-minute plans can be a bit stressful. Establish road trip roles before you set off to make sure your trip is smooth cruisin' all the way through. One person can be in charge of buying all of the snacks, one person can be in charge of being the car DJ, and another person can be in charge of guiding the driver with the map. You can introduce driving shifts so that everyone gets a chance to rest. One person shouldn't be forced to pull all of the weight. Introducing roles will keep things fair, especially with a big group.

Last-minute road trips can make you feel so adventurous and free. You should still do a bit of pre-trip prepping to make the most of your journey.