8 Natural & Quick Ways To Make Friends Your Freshman Year Of College

Back to school season is right around the corner, and you're so ready for this exciting, new chapter of your life. College is totally different ball game than high school. You might be living miles away from home, and you won't be surrounded by the people you've known since day one. It's a fresh start in the friendship department, and it can be a bit intimidating at first, but you got this. Take notes, because I'm here to tell you how to make friends freshman year of college so your campus experience is the best it can be.

There's nothing like seeing a familiar face in a place that's totally brand new to you. All it takes is one to make your entire day, but with these suggestions, you'll make more friends than you ever expected. It's all about being genuine and open to people and new experiences that could potentially help you discover different parts of yourself. You're going to be balancing classes, homework, living on your own, and maybe even a campus job, so making friends needs to feel natural. Whether you start with your roommates or classmates, any of these eight tips could turn a stranger into a forever friend.

Go To Campus Events During Welcome Week

Your college will most likely host an entire week of fun events dedicated to helping freshmen get well-versed in what the campus has to offer. Don't skip out on any of these opportunities, because everyone is in the same boat as you, eager to make new friends. Besides, these events usually have free food, swag, and cool ice breaker activities — what's not to love about that?

Lend Someone A Pen

I know this sounds super random, but at least a handful of the friends I made in college stemmed from letting them borrow one of my pens during class. The first week can be tough, but not only for you. There's always at least one person in your class frantically looking in their backpack for that black pen they totally thought they had. Make their day, and see how kindness really does go a long way.

Join A Club Or Sports Team

Did you play soccer, or were you a member of the drama club in high school? Get involved! Try out for a sports team or sign up for a club that sparks your interest. This is a quick and easy way to bond with people who share the same passion as you.

Go To The Library

The library is going to be your best friend throughout your college career. The more you go, you'll see some of the same people who frequent just as much as you do. Maybe you'll bond with a girl who always gets the same pumpkin spice latte as you at the cafe. Either way, the library is a crucial resource for class and for potential new friends.

Form A Small Study Group In Class

Study groups really come in handy in college. If you have a class you know is going to be challenging, form a study group so you don't fall behind. Trust me, there are going to be people who feel the same way as you. Friends who study together, stay together, am I right?

Go To Sports Games Or Other Competitions

Is your college really into sports? You need to attend a few tailgates and show your team spirit with pride. Head over with your roommates, and regardless of whether your team wins or loses, you'll be going home with some pretty awesome memories.

Host A Pizza Party At Your Dorm

You'll learn rather quickly that food is the quickest way to any college student's heart. Host a pizza party at your dorm and mingle with the people on your floor. You guys are going to become a little family in just about no time.

Be Approachable

Your first instinct when you're walking around campus might be to tune out any distractions and put your headphones in (because you're nervous as heck). While I'm all for listening to music any time of the day, wearing your headphones might seem like you're not open to chatting to someone who wants to spark a convo. You need to seem approachable, because that one person asking for directions could potentially be your college bestie.

It's OK to be both nervous and excited about heading off to college, but just know that you're going to have the time of your life. In a few months' time, you'll have an established crew that you wouldn't be able to imagine going through college without.