4 Ways To Light A Fire In Your Bed & Keep Things Hot This Winter

Now that the arctic hell that is winter has descended, chances are, you're going to be spending a lot more time holed up in your casa. Needless to say, one of the perks of being confined to your cozy sanctuary in the winter is that you and your bae are going to have a bunch of time to experiment with how to keeping things hot in the bedroom. Considering it's literally frigid AF outside, getting steamy really is one the best ways to stay warm.

If you're not attached, dating during the winter months really does present an interesting conundrum. While the heat of summer and all that exposed skin naturally gets the sexy juices flowing, once things start to cool off, the only eye candy to be found is legit just eyes... because those are the only few inches of skin that aren't covered in a parka. But that certainly doesn't mean that anyone who's looking to keep things spicy this winter is out of luck — it just means it's time to get a little creative. Here are some ways to ensure that, while the temperature drops outside, everything that's going on between the sheets is fire.

1. Set The Scene

Assuming you don't mind getting a bit romantic with whomever's lucky enough to be invited to your humble abode, then lighting some candles to set the scene is always a nice touch. When you're looking to amp up the sensual vibes, lighting is so important. Candles are just the thing to set the mood for an intimate and toasty atmosphere. The only other things you need are a bottle of red and a solid playlist, and you're good to go.

2. Use Some Massage Candle Wax (Safely, Of Course)

Speaking of candles, if you're like me and love to get the most bang for your buck (pun intended), you're definitely going to want to invest in a couple of massage candles. The beauty of these babies is that the melted candle wax doubles as massage oil — a prime opportunity to treat each other to massages with a kinky twist. Whoever invented these really is an unsung hero. Just make sure to follow the package instructions carefully, and keep this stuff away from ultra sensitive areas. And of course, listen to each other and make sure that everyone involved is totally OK with what's going on.

3. Heated Lube

Want to send sizzling shockwaves of pleasure through your partner? Then some warming lube could be just the thing for you to try. Unlike massage oil, warming lube can be applied even to your most sensitive nether regions. Plus, the added moisture will be sure to make things feel extra sexy.

4. Socks?

Now, I know wearing socks during sex might be a bit controversial (and some people might see it as a turn-off, or at least a little weird), but past research has shown that those who've been getting it on with warm, cozy feet just might be on to something.

A study out of the University of Groningen found that, when provided with socks to wear, 80 percent of couples were both able to reach climax during sex, compared to only 50 percent who were both able to orgasm with cold feet. These results can likely be attributed to the fact that having warm feet causes blood vessels to expand, promoting increased blood flow and relaxation — two things that are particularly important to the female orgasm. So before you invite your bae over for some snow day fun, you may very well want to bust out those thigh-high socks.

We get it. If you're not a penguin, cold weather probably isn't a natural aphrodisiac for you. But there are still plenty of ways to keep things burning bright in the bedroom. So whip up some hot toddies, order some delivery, and spend the weekend alternating between watching Black Mirror and getting tangled in the sheets.

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