How To Initiate Sex With Your Boyfriend, According To Guys

Initiating sex can be awkward. Even if you've been with your partner for years, initiating can be a super vulnerable thing to do and, as a result, potentially super awkward. More importantly, because we live in a society where men are taught to be the sexual initiators, lots of straight women have no freaking idea how to even go about initiating sex with their partners. But, luckily for those who don't really know how to go about getting ~sexy time~ started, a new Reddit thread had men explain some tips on how to initiate sex, based on their favorite ways the women in their life had initiated sex before.

Now, obviously, you don't need some random dude from Reddit telling you how to initiate sex with your partner. If you've already got a good grip on how to do that, more power to you! You go, girl! But if you feel like you're struggling a bit in the initiation department, take these responses as some welcome suggestions for how to spice up your routine. I'm not a straight dude, so I can't really speak from personal experience here, but I'm going to go ahead and guess anything mentioned below will do. After all, you're asking him to have sex with you, not to wipe the fungus from under your toes.

Don't be afraid to get a little touchy feely.

If she wants to initiate it's pretty simple. Rub on me, put your hands on my chest, kiss my neck, run fingers through my hair. Do the things that make me feel like you can't keep your hands off of me, and feel free to be pull clothes (yours and mine) off while you do it.


Catch him off guard.

I was always a fan of catching me when I least expect it. Kinda just come into the room and start getting undressed sort of thing.


Set the ~mood~ in your room.

Clean room with sex lighting and music playing. Toys, lube, etc all laid out. Waiting wearing lingerie and either wearing or holding leather cuffs, depending on how she wants things to go.


Strip him down.

Take off my pants and jacket.


Seduce him.

When she seduces me. I prefer to be the dominant one in the bedroom, so I love it when she begs, and/or tells me how much she's craving me, how much she loves my dick, how wants to give me head, etc.


Cuddle sans clothing.

She's got this habit of taking off her clothes when I'm not looking and then getting cuddly. Thankfully not, like, in front of her roommates.


A short skirt can go a long way.

If she's wearing a short skirt and either bends over in front of me or sits on me.


Wear your jammies.

I like when she's comes down stairs and hangs out on the couch in a short and no bra. Usually thin material. Snuggling leads to other things


Whisper dirty stuff.

If she groped/fondled, whispered dirty stuff in my ear, and/or just wrapped herself around me. Or wake me up with it, ya know...
There are probably more ways...


Make a bold suggestion.

Earlier, my wife and I were just hanging out, kissing and talking about stuff when she started rubbing my dick through my pants and suggested we go to the guest room. I could not have been more thrilled.
When it's totally unprompted by me, that is hot as hell.


Take control.

When she randomly jumps on me or straddles me. I like it when she takes control.


Give him the look.

The eyes


All right, now, time to get out there and go be your SEXY self.

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