This Site Shows Your Top Tweets Of 2017, So Get Ready To Relive The Likes

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There's really no question that most people are happy to step into a new year, and to wish 2017 good riddance. But along with the new bags you've most likely accumulated under your eyes, you've also probably crafted some pretty great tweets this past year. Maybe you predicted something in a future episode of Grey's Anatomy. Or, maybe you tweeted at Trump and were added to his not-so-exclusive block list. But if you're looking to get a little gratifying nostalgia, reading your most popular snarky observations can be undeniably entertaining... so here's how to get your top tweets of 2017.

Similar to Instagram's Best Nine, FollowFly is a super simple website, highly conducive for any and all Twitter stalking sessions. If you're looking for your own top tweets and you're already logged into your account, you can just click the Twitter icon below the search bar to authorize the app. This allows FollowFly to connect directly with your Twitter account. But if you aren't comfortable logging in that way — or if you're not checking out your own account's top tweets — you can see anyone else's top tweets by entering their Twitter handle into the search bar. Upon entering a search, you'll be presented with a long list of accounts with the same and similar names, in case you forgot an underscore, letter, or number.

Once you find the account you're looking up, clicking "Show" will present you with a full recount of the account's top tweets from the entire past year. Depending on how you would prefer for them to be arranged, you can click "Order By:" to organize them by most likes or most retweets. By clicking "Within:" you can organize the account's most popular tweets within the past week, month or year. Clicking the "Settings" icon allows users to organize posts by text, pictures, videos, or replies. For additional instructions, make sure to check out their "How To Use" tab. Since they're a new site, they're always looking for feedback. If you have any specific suggestions for their software or for their website layout, definitely make sure to connect with FollowFly's contact page.

Unlike Instagram's popular Best Nine site, FollowFly unfortunately doesn't give the option to share top tweets directly through Facebook or Twitter for some extra humble bragging. However, if you're interested in posting them on social media yourself, you can screenshot however many posts that can fit into a single screen grab, and manually upload it anywhere you please. FollowFly is a really easy-to-use site for anyone seeking out a little self-esteem boost, because in all honesty, all anyone needs in life is for people to laugh at their bad jokes, right?

And if you're really just looking for a laugh, I would highly recommend searching the top tweets of the hilarious account of Chrissy Teigen, aka the queen of Twitter. I mean, seriously, just look at some of Chrissy's most popular Tweets from the past year. They. Are. Gold.

We'd also just like to take a moment to point and laugh, because her number one top tweet commemorates the unforgettable moment when our beloved POTUS blocked her. Quite a glorious moment in history.

Anyway, if you're really just missing those times when someone thought you were funny and laughed at your jokes, take a look at your top tweets via FollowFly. Or, you can just use it to read all of the best things Chrissy Teigen has said this year. Regardless, FollowFly is a fantastic and easy resource to checkout what you and everyone else has been up to in 2017, so don't forget to look up your own list of top tweets.

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