It's Time To Make Your "Best Nine" Instagram Collage For 2017, So Let's Get Nostalgic

Lizzy Rosenberg

This year has been a bit harrowing to say the least. Maybe you graduated from school, left a crappy job, or ended a relationship that should have been over years ago. Or, maybe the general disarray of our planet is just really just weighing on your shoulders right about now. But still, you've probably made at least a few spectacular memories in the last year, and posted some of them on Instagram. Now, since we're starting to look back on the highlights of this year as it (finally) comes to an end, we want to show you how to make your Instagram 2017 "Best Nine" collage the very best it can be.

If you somehow managed to hide from the burden and beauty that is social media, the Best Nine Collage page is an extremely easy-to-use website. Upon entering any Instagram handle, you'll be presented with two versions of a collage, made up of your most popular Instagram photos from the past year. One edition of the collage lists how many posts you created throughout the year, how many likes each individual top post received, and how many likes your account received altogether. The second collage — less of a not-so-humble-brag — just features each of the most-liked photographs, without showing how many photos you posted or how many likes you received. The latter version is just a wee bit classier to post on your social media pages, if you catch my drift.

Once Best Nine creates your collages, it gives you an option to post them directly to Twitter or Facebook. If you also want to post it to Instagram, just save the collage to your photos, and manually post it from there. You can also take the opportunity to look at your 2016 memories (if you missed out on doing that last year). Though the collage can sometimes take up to ten minutes to load (depending on website traffic), it's an incredibly simple and user-friendly process.

According to Mashable, the app's creators — who also created past years' versions off the site — specifically designed the 2017 edition so that the collages are formatted vertically, not horizontally. This allows them to be more-easily uploaded onto individuals' Snapchat and Instagram Stories, as opposed to just uploading them as a standalone post. Those of us who frequently update our stories are looking forward to that.

While you might have already gone through the process of making a Best Nine collage for yourself and everyone you've ever met in your entire life, you can also make them for celebrities. Like, you might be wondering what Britney Spears' Best Nine are. Somehow, her photo with the python made it into 2017, but it's honestly so legendary, how could it not?

Or, if Britney's Top Nine really just isn't doing it for you, make sure to take a look at Harry Styles' Best Nine. That's not too an bad option, either.

Even though a handful of us are really wishing that Twitter compiled all of our top-liked Tweets, they did put together a list of the top most retweeted posts from this entire past year. And, if you haven't already heard, a certain POTUS did not even make the cut. Instead, the guy tried to get 18 million retweets for a year of free Wendy's nuggets did rightfully make it to the very top spot, even though he didn't quite make it to 18 million for his free nuggs.

So, if you're craving a little taste of sweet nostalgia from the past year, take a look at your Instagram Best Nine. You might just be surprised by how much fun you actually had.

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