People Are Tweeting 4-Word Phrases To "Get Them Hot" & I Can't Handle This Heat

by Candice Jalili

Wondering how to steam things up with your bae? Well, you can go with the tried and true methods, like a good, old-fashioned make-out sesh, some fiery, passionate love making, a bouquet of their favorite flowers, a nice and relaxing couples massage, a house filled with scented candles and some sensual R&B playing in the background, a trip to the sex toy shop together, or maybe even an aphrodisiac-filled meal, complete with oysters, champagne, and chocolate. Or you can do something different and turn to Twitter for tips on how to get someone hot.

The hashtag #GetMeHotIn4Words has been trending on Twitter and people have been logging on to share some pretty creative ways. I mean... as if just simply thinking of creative ways to get yourself hot and tweeting them out for the world to see wasn't a daunting enough task, you have to boil it down to just four words!?! As a wordy writer, that is an absolute nightmare as far as I'm concerned. Four words are nothing! But brace yourselves, my friends. The good people of Twitter rose to the challenge and came up with some pretty effective ways to get them nice and ~hot~ in just four words. Read along and try not to get too turned on.

The four best foods EVER.

French fries without the stress.

Nothing like a lover who will do your dishes, amiright?

There's a reason why we're all so into our Seamless delivery people.

Did someone just say... FREE DINNER?!

For those of you who are more literal...

Nothing says romance like sleeping in together.

Who knew light sabers needed chargers?

A lover who's also down to clean the sheets? BOW CHICKA WOW WOW.

Parents aren't home. You know what that means! BOW CHICKA WOW WOW.

The two keys to a happy relationships: Be responsive and don't cheat.

As a Warriors fan, I disagree with this one, but like, to each their own, I guess.

Mac and cheese, minus the cheese part.

Another one for you literal folks.

The only thing better than regular pizza is obviously leftover pizza.

Respecting women is the way to go.

Nothing like agreeing on a favorite movie to bond you together.

Couples who watch Adam Sandler movies together, stay together.

OK, last one for the literal people.

Cheering on your favorite team together? DREAMY.

Nothing like the chase, amiright?

Brownies? YUM!

A lover who will also build storage space for your books? SCORE.

Being on the same page politically is key.

Nothing like free wifi to steam things up!

Acknowledging a scientific fact would also be pretty tight.

Holding HANDS before tying the knot? Can you say s-s-s-steamy?!

I told you guys they really pulled through with figuring out how to explain what turns them on in just four words! What was your favorite? Personally I really loved "I have leftover pizza" and "Cheeseburgers, pizza, fries, ice cream." Oooh, and also, "fat free French fries." And how could I forget "I made you brownies." I'm not a vegan, but "vegan mac and cheese" sounds pretty wonderful as well. OK, maybe I'm just hungry. That would probably be the more logical explanation as to why I picked those as my favorite.

Do you have an idea of what turns you on and think you can explain it in just four words? Hurry! Go on Twitter and tweet it out with the hashtag! I want to see!

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