You can easily get rid of Instagram's "tap for more" update in your Stories.

Here's The Easy Step That'll Get Rid Of "Tap For More" In Instagram Stories

P. Kijsanayothin/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

Instagram users are scratching their heads after the social media platform rolled out a confusing new feature. If you've recently shared a photo or video from your Instagram Feed to your Story, you might have noticed a strange new addition to your post. If you want to know how to get rid of Instagram's "tap for more" in Stories, it's actually pretty easy to make it go away.

Normally, when you try to post a photo or a video from someone's feed to your Story, you'll be taken to your Story and see a smaller version of the photo against a graduated background. However, on Friday, April 10, Instagram users noticed a subtle change to the Stories format when they tried to share a post from their feeds on the platform. All of the sudden, the words "tap for more" appeared above the post in Stories — and, judging by the outcry on Twitter, it's safe to say people were not feeling the update.

According to Instagram, there was a bug in the feature which left the "tap for more" text visible in the posted Story, but it was fixed shortly after. If you're still seeing the issue, you can try updating your app.

As of publication, the text should only appear before you actually share the post to your Stories. But if you're still having issues, it's really easy to get rid of the "eye sore" and avoid asking your followers to tap through your Stories with one easy step: tapping your post. If you tap where it says "tap for more" before you share your Story, it'll disappear. I decided to try it out for myself, and instantly noticed the words "tap for more" when I tried to share a post to my personal Story.

However, once I tapped the screen, the words instantly disappeared, although I noticed that it did impact the formatting of the Stories post. I had to tap it again to bring it back to its original look with no borders or caption and the account handle underneath.


Through some experimenting, I also noticed if you just wait a few seconds, the "tap for more" signage will disappear on its own and you can add all the filters, stickers, and text you normally would.


As with most tech issues, one little fix of bug seemed to clear things up, but if you want to be sure "tap for more" won't show up on your Story, go ahead and tap before you post.