Here's How You Can Devour Free Pizza From Papa John's During National Pizza Month

I'm not sure how it's already Oct. 7 and I'm only just learning about this... but, you guys, October is National Pizza Month. That's right, those slices you lived on in college and the frozen pies that you've called "dinner" on lazy nights are finally getting the recognition that they deserve. If you really want to celebrate the right way, keep reading to find out how to get free pizza from Papa John's.

According to Delish, the pizza chain is offering a BOGO pizza deal until Oct. 15. Papa John's website states that when you buy any regular-price pizza (any size), you can get a free pizza of an equal or lesser value. All you need to do to double your pizza supply is use the code GET2NOW. The offer is also only valid in U.S. locations.

There is no word on how many garlic sauces you'll get with the pizza, but since you'll be saving big bucks on the second pizza altogether, you'll have plenty of cash leftover to make sure every pizza-lover's dipping needs are met. If you've never had Papa John's garlic sauce, you need to open a new tab and place your Papa John's order immediately to get some garlic goodness into your life.

If you're wondering what you'll do once the calendar turns to Oct. 16 and your BOGO pizza lifestyle is nothing more than a perfect memory, don't worry. Papa John's isn't just gonna ghost you. They're going to keep it interesting by introducing a new deal for National Pizza Month. This next deal is actually happening throughout the whole month of October, so you'll want to pay attention.

According to the Papa John's website, when you use Visa checkout to pay for your online pizza order, you'll receive an email with a coupon that will let you redeem it for a free large one-topping pizza. According to the simple three-step instructions on Papa John's website, you just order online and pay using Visa Checkout; then, you'll receive two emails: one confirming your order and one delivered the next day with your free pizza promo code; and finally, you need to redeem your unique promo code within 30 days of receiving the second email.

OK, so it might be slightly more work than the BOGO deal — but hey, pizza isn't just some cheap junk food; it has some self-respect. You need to earn your free slices.

While you're waiting for your free pizza, you'll probably need to kill some time. Venturing on over to Twitter will definitely be worth your while. Now, Twitter may be a little late to the #NationalPizzaMonth game, but I'm telling you it was definitely worth the wait.

Realizing they had already missed *six* days of National Pizza Month had some people shook AF.

Others made up for lost pizza time by posting photos of cats and dogs with pizza, the results were nothing less than adorable.

This tweet brings together both the realization that it's National Pizza Month and a cuddly kitten.

I know it can be tough to learn that you've wasted almost a whole week in October not celebrating National Pizza Month, but now you're armed with some pretty sweet deals to do it up right.

OK, now that you're all set with your BOGO deals and pizza tweets, you can get on living your best life during National Pizza Month. And, hey, if you still need a Halloween costume idea, you can just go to your party wearing sweatpants and say you're dressed as "The girl whose zipper-up pants are thing of the past thanks to National Pizza Month." It'll be totally original and you'll be the most comfortable person there.

Happy National Pizza Month to you and yours!

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