4 Easy Ways To Find Cheap Flights, So You Don't Have To Wait Forever For Your Next Adventure

by Ciara Johnson

Your next adventure awaits. You've created your travel vision board, and you're in the process of checking off your 2019 travel resolutions. You've set your sights on an a relaxing beach destination or cozy ski chalet in the mountains, and you're doing the research to make it happen. (You go girl!) You want to see beautiful places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. No more excuses: This is the year that you're making travel a top priority. So, here's how to find cheap flights in 2019, so that you can be closer than ever to satisfying your wanderlust.

You may be wondering if it's possible to travel on a budget. You often scroll through social media and wonder how all of these people seem to always be on vacation. The reality is that you can totally travel on a budget if you're willing to do the research and get strategic.

Flights can be a huge travel cost, but there are tips and tricks that can help you save a lot of money on flights. Practice makes perfect, so you'll be finding those flight deals before you know it. Until then, these tips will help you get started! Finding a cheap flight is the first first step to crossing those epic destinations off of your bucket list.

Be Flexible
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In order to find cheap flight deals, it's important to be as flexible as possible. You're more likely to find cheap flight if you have an open mind when it comes to locations, dates, airlines, and even flight times. If you're traveling for leisure, it may help to find your flights first, and then plan the rest of your trip around your findings.

Apps like Skyscanner are amazing to have on-hand to search for budget flights. And if you don't know where you want to go quite yet, no biggie! You can utilize the "everywhere" feature, and it will offer some much-needed inspiration.

Pack Light
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Join #teamcarryon to save big when it comes to flying. Packing light can help you avoid paying checked baggage fees — because you know the struggle is all too real with that one.

If you always overpack, packing light will take some practice, but it's not impossible. Consider opting for neutral, versatile clothes that you can pair with different things, and be sure to wear your heaviest garments on the plane.

Consider Budget Airlines
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Airlines like Spirit make it really easy to book flights on a budget. With Spirit's Frill Control™, you only have to pay for the add-ons you actually want, like inflight refreshments, bags, and seat selection. If you're willing to fly without these items, then you could pay significantly less for your flight. Just be sure to read all of the terms and conditions before you book.

Sign Up For A Travel Credit Card
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Travel credit cards can help you accumulate points and rewards to use towards hotel or flight bookings. You could easily save hundreds on travel bookings if you sign up for a travel credit card and take advantage of the offerings.

With the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus credit card, for example, you can use your points to travel to more than 90 destinations via Southwest Airlines. How great is that?