A Frequent Flyer's 4 Best Tips On Dressing For A Long Flight, Because The Struggle's Real

by Kristin Corpuz

Dressing for a long flight is like a science. You want to be glamorous-looking enough so you can snap a great travel selfie at a moment's notice, but you also want to be comfortable on the plane. In my opinion, long flight attire is meant to be both stylish and cozy at the same time; for me, it's all about balancing the two. Here's how to dress for a long flight so you can slay your travels it in style.

Now don't get me wrong: "Comfy AF" doesn't mean that you have to show up in sweats, though sweats are always welcome. And likewise, "fashionable AF" doesn't mean that you have to wear heels, but you're more than welcome to if that's your thing. The main thing I like to keep in mind is how I can feel the most cozy while looking the most dressed up. (My close friends know that I describe my sense of style as "chic pajamas," and that carries into my travel outfits, too.)

It's a very difficult thing to balance, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot of fun to put travel outfits together.

1. First and foremost, comfortable pants are always a must.

Adidas / Alo Yoga

Sitting on a plane for a long time means that you definitely need a comfortable pair of pants. Leggings or sweatpants are a go-to for many girls — and for good reason. They can be comfy and cute at the same time.

To spice up what can be seen as "sleeping clothes" (as my parents call them), I try to go for stretchy pants that have embellishments to dress them up a little bit. My current go-tos are the SST Track Pants from Adidas and Alo Yoga's Moto Legging. I love that the track pants have zippered pockets that I can keep my ID in for TSA, and the moto leggings look super chic while being very easy to wear.

2. For tops, consider wearing things that are both warm and loose.

Wildfox / Urban Outfitters

In my opinion, long flights call for soft sweaters and loose tops. I'm a huge lover of oversized T-shirts, but because I always get cold on flights, I opt for something close to an oversized tee that will provide warmth. Sweaters, hoodies, and long-sleeved tees all receive the green light in my book, and it always helps if the pieces are really unique or can be dressed up.

My recent favorites have been the Palmetto Sweater from Wildfox and Urban Outfitters' Jojo sweater. I love that the Wildfox has the distressed detail to give it some personality, and the deep V can be worn in the front or back so you can switch up your look. (I usually wear it in the back with a fun bralette underneath.) The sweater from Urban can be buttoned, unbuttoned, half-buttoned, tied up, or tied around your waist — it's perfectly versatile and very cozy.

3. Wearing the right undergarments is just as important.

Urban Outfitters / Lively

As a rule, I typically go for bralettes over regular bras when I travel — especially when the flight is really long. Clasps and tight straps are often a nuisance and make me feel very constricted.

I've been loving Lively's Palm Lace Bralette, because it offers support without the restrictiveness of normal bras. A more generic option that I love is Calvin Klein's Modern Cotton Racerback Bra. I have it in multiple colors, and it's one of my favorite repurchases ever.

4. Shoes are always up for interpretation, in my opinion.

Nordstrom / Adidas

I go back and forth between what shoes to wear to the airport. Heeled booties always make me feel very fashionable, they help dress up sweatpants, and wearing them also means that I don't have to make space for them in my luggage. But if my bags are particularly heavy or I'm not in the mood for heels, I opt for a cool pair of sneakers instead.

Lately, I've been obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell's Coma Stretch Booties, which I got on sale at Nordstrom. I adore the black and white houndstooth, because the pattern perfectly complements my very neutral wardrobe but adds a much-needed pop. If I go for sneakers, my absolute favorites are the Adidas x Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Shoes. They're unbelievably comfortable, and easily slide on and off in the security line.

If you're headed out on a long flight in the near future, keep these handy outfit tips in mind, and get ready to slay your way through the airport.