8 Kylie Jenner Hairstyle Tutorials For Your Halloween Costume


If one of your favorite activities is keeping up with the Kardashians, then you know this year was a pretty eventful one. There's a lot that you can pull inspiration from for your Halloween costume if you're planning on going with a Kardashian-themed look. You could even make your own Kylie Jenner lip kit costume, if Kylie is your favorite member of the family. Don't forget to complete any look you decide on with some Kylie Jenner hairstyles, so your Halloween costume comes full circle.

As much as she's incredibly talented at makeup, Kylie also has some killer hairstyles that we want to steal, like, ASAP. It doesn't even have to be a Kylie Jenner Halloween costume that you're planning on wearing; all of her iconic hairstyles can be used for other costumes that you've got in the works. Most people tend to focus on the costume they're going to wear, but if you truly want to make a killer statement on Halloween night, you have to think about all of the details that come with a show-stopper look. That definitely includes your makeup, and especially your hair. With these eight easy Kylie hairstyle tutorials, you can now totally pull them off yourself.

The Signature Kylie Braids
Esmeralda Mendez on YouTube

When you think of Kylie's hair, you think of her braids. They're a pretty iconic look. If you're looking for an easy hairstyle for Halloween, or you want something cute and out of your face for dancing the night away, these are the braids for you. You can also wear this look with a spooky witch or Wednesday Addams costume you already have planned.

The Half Up, Half Down Pigtail Look
skylerkaylin on YouTube

This hairstyle is so simple, anyone could do it. I love the half up, half down aspect, because you get your hair out of your face, while also looking super glam with some of it remaining down. I'm sure Kylie was also inspired by Baby Spice, because this look is giving me major girl power vibes.

Kylie's Glamorous Curls
Shopper Mandy on YouTube

If you're looking to glam it up this Halloween, then curls are the way to go. This look is gorgeous, and makes it look like you casually woke up with luscious locks. These curls will pair well with any princess or Hollywood starlet costume you have planned to rock.

Voluminous Hair Extensions
Christina Rose on YouTube

If you're looking to get one of Kylie's long hair looks, but have short hair, don't worry. You don't need to find a witch to cast a spell to make your hair magically grow for Halloween; you can always clip in some extensions. This look is a total stunner, and will go great with any Wonder Woman or Catwoman costume.

Beach Waves That Bring On The Chill Vibes
Cassandra Eremic on YouTube

If you want some extra volume, but aren't about those ringlet curls everywhere, this is a great look. You can channel those laid-back vibes with some waves that are worthy of any sunny beach day. This hairstyle will pair well with a pirate or mermaid look you have in store for your Halloween bash. You could even put a couple of flowers in your hair for a flower child costume.

A Simple And Sleek Ponytail
Aylin Melisa on YouTube

If you want a maintenance-free look for Halloween, here it is. A high ponytail is simple, but this one features an elegant touch with some curls. You can rock a Kylie ponytail for any look, but if your squad is going as the Spice Girls, you already have your Baby Spice look locked down, so here's a Sporty Spice hairdo for one of your girlfriends.

Lavish And Totally Straight
AnitaSamantha on YouTube

Attention, all of my straight hair girls out there. If you're worried about the humidity your locks might experience on Halloween night, here's a tutorial for a frizz-free look. It's so silky smooth that if it were my hair, I'd be playing with it all night long. If you're going as Morticia Addams or a vampire, then this straight-haired look is a great option.

A Messy Bun
cjwalker735 on YouTube

Every girl knows a messy bun is one of your fave, go-to looks. Everyone has a different way of achieving this, but here's a tutorial to get Kylie's bun look. This is a perfect style if you're looking for something super easy and out of your way. It's totally perfect for your sweet Tinker Bell costume.