4 Ways To Contact The Supernatural On Halloween To Get In The Spooky Spirit

by Tessa Harvey

We're getting closer and closer to the spookiest day of the year, folks, so if you're not already ready, it's time to gear up. Whether you're a big Halloween celebrator, or you just like to dress up every now and then, there's no denying that this ghostly day is full of festive spirit, aka, getting candy for free, dressing however you want, and also getting to eat as much of said candy as you would like. If you're into the supernatural stuff that comes along with this spooky holiday, you and your friends might be looking into how to communicate with spirits this Halloween.

Halloween evokes the supernatural vibes in all of us, especially when trying to get in touch with a few spirits. We saw it in the movies as kids. We were told of ghosts and tall-tales, and feared spooky monsters hiding under our beds. Or, at least, we heard about them from other kids on the playground. To be honest, I'm still kinda freaked out of this creepy stuff to this day. But I know more than a few people who find themselves intrigued AF about what lurks in the dark once you turn the lights off.

So maybe you're a believer, or maybe you're just bored and looking for something to do that'll spice up your night. Either way, this Halloween's getting extra spooky if you try one of these six ways to summon a few supernaturals in your house. Do me a favor, too -- stay far away from me... I'm just the messenger.

An Old School Ouija Board

We've all definitely heard of ouija boards, am I right? There's no denying they're super mysterious. According to Smithsonian Mag, the ouija board was born from an period of time when people were all about being able to contact the dead. Surprise, surprise. Apparently, a Pittsburgh toy store first advertised it, which is beyond creepy.

If you don't know, here's a run down about what exactly a ouija board is. It's usually a board with a plastic or wooden shape on it. You and a friend, supposedly, can ask questions to the board to communicate with the supernatural. Got any shivers yet?

Visit Your Local Fortune Teller

Fortune tellers tend to get a bad rep, but if you know a good one, hey, nice for you. Fortune telling has been around forever, and there's something really intriguing and magical about it. There are a variety of ways to get your fortune read, depending on the psychic specialty and preference. You might see a fortune teller use cards, maybe utilize your zodiac sign, or, known well in mainstream media, use your palm to read your future. Is it legit? Don't ask me. But it can't hurt to try!

Seek Out A Trusted Medium

The medium is like the distant sister of the fortune teller. You've probably heard of, if not seen, famous mediums like the Hollywood Medium and the Long Island Medium. Psychic Elements defines mediums as individuals who are capable of contacting and speaking with the deceased. Pretty straightforward, right? Just dead people, NBD.

According to Psychic Elements, the use of séances by mediums started around the 1800s. These psychics were often tested to see if they were, well, legit. Basically, all of the research was inconclusive; no one could figure out why these people had as much info as they did, so they couldn't disprove their medium abilities, either.

Work On Your Own Psychic Abilities

We've talked about the pros, but we're missing a crucial piece here -- you. Get into the spooky spirit by heading to a cemetery and embracing your own supernatural abilities. Who knows what you might discover?

Intuitive Souls Blog advises for new supernatural explorers to spend time meditating and being one with themselves at the start of their journey. It takes time to develop and fine-tune these skills. Happy Hallowing haunting, everyone!