You Can Now Combine Sephora Promo Codes Online, So You Can Save Even More Money

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I can't tell you how many times I've received multiple promotional codes from the same brand to be used on their website, only to get to checkout to find out that I can only use one of the codes. Thus begins the annoying process of figuring out which code will offer the most savings. Well, if you've ever ran into that problem while shopping online at Sephora, that's no longer an issue, according to an announcement from Sephora. So if you're wondering how to combine Sephora promo codes, read on, because the brand has you covered...

...well, sort of. As of Wednesday, Jan. 16, Sephora announced via its FAQ page that they are testing out a new functionality that allows multiple promo codes to be used at once. But there is a catch to keep in mind — only some coupons will be able to be combined with other offers. According to the brand, aach coupon will explicitly state the details as they apply to that particular promotion, as well as whether or not it can be used with other promotions. But hey, being able to combine some coupons is better than not being able to combine any, right? Right.

So how do you start applying all of those coupons? Well, now that the ability to combine multiple promo codes is active on the Sephora site, you'll notice that, after you enter and apply your first promo code, the promotional code field won't disappear. Rather, you'll see the code you just applied below the promo box, but you continue typing in the box and add on another (and if you're really lucky, maybe even a third).


Per Sephora's FAQ page on combining promos, you might run into a few errors along the way. Here's why. If you add an additional promo code and receive a notification that says, “The Promotion cannot be applied as the limit on the number of promotions of this type has been reached,” this apparently means one of the codes you entered isn't eligible to be combined. Similarly, if you receive a notification that says, “Promotion cannot be used with the other promotion," this also means one of the promos isn't eligible to be combined with others.

For example, for Sephora's Beauty Insiders Rewards Members that have worked their way up to the prestigious Rouge Member status, you will be able to use a Rouge Reward promo in combination with another Beauty Offer (so long as that offer is able to be combined with others as well). However, Sephora does not on their FAQ page that Rouge Members will only be able to use one Rouge Reward at a time.

If the possibility of all of these savings hasn't already convinced you to start filling your cart with all your fave Sephora products, know that the brand also just unveiled their new Beauty Insider Perks of 2019. The rewards are bigger and better than ever. That said, I'd say now is a better time than ever to get stocking up on all of those eyeshadow palettes that you've been eyeing.