This Company Is Offering "Ginternships" & I’m Already Thirsty

Back in my college days, internships were always kind of boring. While it seemed like each of my friends had incredibly enriching internship experiences, many of mine revolved around taking care of administrative duties and coffee runs. They were unpaid, and so freaking dull. But if you're looking for a dope marketing and communications internship that predominantly focuses on sipping and appreciating gin, here's how to apply for a "Ginternship" with Sipsmith Gin. It's kind of making me wish I was still in college.

From now until June 9, British gin company, Sipsmith, is accepting applications for their "Ginternship" program. Per the Sipsmith website, "Ginterns," who are also known as Student Brand Ambassadors, ultimately become gin and branding experts. According to Cosmopolitan, one of the best parts is that during the summer, they'll get to go to festivals, sip gin, and spread brand awareness. So, um, count me in. When can I start?

The application process for Sipsmith's Ginternship is relatively simple. Per the Sipsmith website, applicants should send five photos to, which show understanding and appreciation for high quality gin products. The email should be complete with the subject line: ‘The Best Student Job – [your name].' The email should also include a resume, as well as an Instagram handle. Training will start on Aug. 17, and the position will officially start on Sept. 17. Oh, and did I mention this is all paid? Yup. Let that sink in for a moment.

The only downside of it all is that to be considered for the position, applicants must be students at one of the 21 UK schools on their website — so if you're currently attending American Uni, you definitely won't be eligible for it. Sorry, y'all.

The "Gintern" training process alone sounds pretty incredible, though. According to Cosmopolitan, the program starts with one required training day in London, which involves learning about the history of gin, as well as gin mixology. Again, this is a damn dream job.

Once the "Ginternship" gets started, according to the website, specific responsibilities will range from supporting the sales team, to reporting on stock levels, connecting with potential customers by leading "gin-spired" activities in their area, sharing and collaborating with other Ambassador teams, identifying sales opportunities, and working on marketing-related as well as social media-related campaigns. Remind me again why I'm not doing this full-time?

This isn't the first time Sipsmith has offered this glorious opportunity, though. Back in 2016, the brand hired a mere five ambassadors in their hometown city of London, England. But after it proved many valuable benefits to both students and the company, it now has 52 open spots from schools nationwide. So cheers to success, mates!

The "Ginternship" reviews on Sipsmith's website really say it all. Sam, a Student Brand Ambassador from Imperial College, said it's not just a hobby, but it's also a creative and challenging extra-curricular. Based on his review, it sounds like an overall memorable and impactful experience.

He said,

The perfect challenge to take on as a hobby outside of University studies. It allows you to get your creative juices flowing whether it is organising a ginspired party or just spreading the Sipsmith story. You need to be prepared to work hard, take responsibility and to be willing to challenge yourself.

While a dream internship can be pretty hard to find, Sipsmith's "Ginternship" not only sounds super fun, but it also seems like an incredible learning opportunity. With an "all hands on deck" type of approach, Student Brand Ambassadors definitely get the most out of their experiences. BRB, sending in apps to like, every U.K. uni.