These 8 Pics Of Scotland's New Gin Spa Will Make Your Boozy Dreams Come True

Scotland is changing the spa game, and if you can imagine a place that tailors to your every need, this place is it. Spas are all about relaxation, right? Well, the new Gin Spa in Scotland is the stuff of dreams. Even if you don't drink, this spa will make you feel like you just stepped into a euphoric corner of the world that has a tremendous amount of gin-inspired factors.

First of all, you get to pick which aromatherapy you want and you're greeted with a welcome tea. Tea immediately gets you unwinding and from that first sip, you know you are about to loosen up and enjoy yourself. OK, so far they've got your taste and smell senses satisfied, but what about your mind? Covered. You also get to choose inspirational cards to read before you head in. Kind words send you on your way to an even gentler treatment.

Personally, I like to feel like a place is putting my individuality in mind, and that's why I love how the spa's facials are veered towards your skin type. This aspect is so, so amazing and greatly appreciated. Words hardly do this place justice, so seeing pictures to match the excellent descriptions are a must. Hopefully, you have your passport ready to make all of your boozy dreams come true.

Enter Into A Little Slice Of Heaven
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The decor throughout the Gin Spa will make you feel right at home. It's not too dark and not too light, which creates the most perfect setting for a pampering session. Whether you're sipping on your tea or getting your toes done, this place seems dedicated to delivering the most tranquil environment for your relaxation.

The Inspo Is A Surefire Way To Lift Your Spirits
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The fact that you haven't even received a massage yet and you are already being pumped with positive vibes and embracing a relaxed state of mind is extraordinary. Sometimes you need a few kind words before you treat yourself, right?

This destination literally has all of their bases covered for you. Any place that considers your feelings totally deserves your business.

A Hot Beverage Is Always So Inviting
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The only thing better than a regular cup of tea is an inviting cup of tea. Hot beverages are comforting AF, and to receive one before you are pampered beyond belief is too dope for words. Why would you ever want to leave this place?!

A Complimentary Gin Cocktail To Top It All Off
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Hold on, let me get this straight. You are going to take extra good care of my skin, give me tea, let me smell the most amazing smells ever, and then let me have a special gin cocktail to finish off the experience? The treatment doesn't get any better than this.

Prosecco With A Mani And Pedi, FTW
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First of all, those fluffy white pillows look like they're stuffed with the softest clouds from the sky. This setup is so cute, and anyone can attest to the amazing feeling when receiving a manicure or pedicure in a zen environment. That prosecco afternoon tea sounds like something so yummy to sip on.

The Perfect Pairings
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The Gin Spa is basically setting up the best kind of tea party. It's for adults, and you have bubbly prosecco to wash down those snacks picked out just for you. Honestly, choosing between these spa packages will be the hardest thing you've done since you decided to get bangs last year.

Purchase Some Spa Goodies For Home, Too
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Since you are never going to want to end your session, take a piece of it home with you. Maybe it won't give you the full pampering affect, but you gotta take what you can get. Any of these purchases would be great to gift to a friend, so you can get them hooked before you take them on their first visit.

Gin-Inspired Food? Yes, Please
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It's no secret that the Gin Spa has a theme dedicated to the beauty and innovation of gin. The food, though? That seems so tasty and exciting. How many people can say they've tasted food inspired by gin? Well, with five courses, you are about to bless your tastebuds beyond compare.

It's safe to say that the Gin Spa is providing a luxury we could all use once in awhile. Pampering has no limits, and this spa has the bar set high.