If You're Having Major Career Woes, This Month's Full Moon Could Be To Blame

We're nearing the end of 2018 and one thing I think we can all agree on is that this year was tough. Seriously, how are you doing? With all that's happened, it's only natural to wonder what could have been; to think about what you should have done differently. It's around this time of year that we start picking ourselves apart, focusing on our failures, and forgetting to sing ourselves praises. Naturally, our careers are inevitably intertwined with our sense of self, and if you didn't reach the milestones you were hoping to reach, it's totally normal to feel bummed about it. But, hey, maybe astrology has something to say about that, because the November 2018 full moon will affect your career in several bewildering ways.

Radiating lunar intensity throughout our universe on Nov. 23, this full moon will rise in communicative, chameleon, and distracted Gemini. Even though full moons are famous for the rewards and revelations they bring, the planetary energy surrounding this lunation is bound to make this one extra confusing. Because your mind may feel foggy and your instincts jumpy, this isn't the best time to make any major decisions about your career. However, it's downright perfect for contemplating your career as a whole.

Avoid Being Self-Critical And Impulsive

One major thing impeding clarity on this full moon is that aggressive Mars will form a square with expansive Jupiter. In astrology, a square essentially means that two planets are competing for dominance. Keep in mind that in your attempts to make sweeping judgments or rash decisions, you might land yourself in a mess you never intended to create. If you're feeling insecure about where you're at in your career, don't trust the need to do something impulsive about it, especially if the results will be permanent.

Remember that Mercury — planet of cognitive function and communication — will also retrograde through fiery Sagittarius during this full moon. Remain mindful of the fact that you may be focusing too hard on the mistakes you've made in the past instead of the promise of the future.

Reflect On Where You're At In Your Career

However, one benefit of this full moon forming an opposition with Mercury retrograde is that it's a beautiful time for reflection and introspection. It's also an essential period for finishing off projects that you've been procrastinating on and editing the final details. Don't feel pushed to start something new, quit your job, or have any major conversations with your employer or colleagues. Keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is exactly when people say all the wrong things and overlook all the fine details.

Instead of following all your reckless instincts, check in with your career during this full moon. Think about what you want from your career, how you can learn from your mistakes, and how you can make all the right changes in the long run. Meditate on your career; don't force it.

Appreciate Every Little Success

Another majorly important point: Don't be too hard on your career during this full moon. Taking place in scattered Gemini (a zodiac sign that's famous for its over-analytical tendencies and anxiety), it will be all too easy to get swept into negative thinking. Opposing a sun in exaggerating Sagittarius (a zodiac sign that's known for jumping to conclusions and forgetting to consider the details), you may judge where you're at in your career too unfairly.

Instead, make it a point to consider every single success you've made, no matter how small it is or how long its been since you made it. Allow these achievements to be the proof that you need in order to believe in yourself. During this full moon, your thought-process may be an unreliable thing. Instead, write down a list of why you bring a great deal to your career, and follow the facts.