The February New Moon Will Change Each Sign's Relationship, But Here's How To Strengthen Yours

by Valerie Mesa

In astrology, the moon is a representation of our mother and sense of nurture, but its mysterious phases have served as prominent symbols since the beginning of time. Speaking of which, if you're wondering how the new moon in February 2019 will affect your relationship, not to worry, you've come to the right place. Here's the deal, stargazers: the moon's movement controls the tides, and its cycles ultimately influence our emotional state of being. Truth is, energy is everything, and if the vibe feels off, you can't force it, right? Well, that's where the moon comes in; its lunar phase, along with the zodiac sign it is traveling through, determines the emotional vibe and overall feels.

Speaking of the lunar phases, the rhythm of mother moon is sacred, and when used correctly, it is everything your seeds (intentions) need to potentially flourish. For instance, coming up with an exciting idea or saying that you're going to start doing something once a week is easier said than done, right? Life happens and we're all human beings, and IDK about you, but doing something consistently can be extremely challenging. However, this is where the new moon phase comes in, and it's important to have a clear mind when working with this particular phase, and I'll tell you why.

During the new moon, la luna is completely invisible, which means we have been blessed with a clean slate, and it's time to start again. This is a new beginning, compliments of mother moon, and an excellent time to clear our mind, sit with our thoughts, gather ideas, and plan ahead. Think of it this way: The new moon phase is your blank canvas, and cosmic map, for the next six months. What do you want to accomplish in half a year, in regards to your relationships? What is your ultimate vision? Setting intentions during this lunar phase will serve as a cosmic kick start.

Hint: If you're setting intentions during the new moon in Aquarius, you will likely see results during the full moon in the same sign, which will take place in August of this year.

A new moon in 15 degrees Aquarius happens on Feb. 4, 2019.

The upcoming new moon in Aquarius will take place on Monday, Feb. 4 at exactly 4:03 p.m. ET. Also, keep in mind, it's important to plant seeds (set intentions) that go hand-in-hand with the theme of the zodiac sign you're working with.

Speaking of, the energy of Aquarius is bright, innovative, rebellious, and completely detached from reality. (This is exactly why the water bearer is often referred to as the "alien" of the zodiac.) This air sign revels in all that is futuristic, unconventional, and community-oriented. Its energy is logical and unemotional.

If we consider its astrological aspects, the energy of this lunation will be extra magical, as it will be sitting next to Mercury, and making a harmonious contact to lucky Jupiter. This could inspire optimism and clear insight.

How will this affect your relationship?

This lunation will be a positive one, and if you happen to have an Aquarius ascendant (rising sign) or descendant, (ruler of your seventh house of partnerships), this energy will most definitely come in handy, for both you and your partner.

Nevertheless, this new moon's conjunction to Mercury in Aquarius, and trine to Jupiter, could totally spark optimistic conversations between you and your SO. For instance, if you've been avoiding having certain topics of conversation, this might be a good time to bring them up, and speak your mind. The best part is, nothing is ever too weird or "outlandish" for Aquarius. On the contrary, 'tis the season to channel your inner weirdo, so don't think about it twice, stargazers.

P.S. I know I mentioned that results tend to take up to six months, but the energetic effects of this new moon could typically last up to a month. However, make sure you set your intentions within the first two weeks of this new moon cycle.