How The Libra Blue Moon Will Affect You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you haven't already heard the mystical news, strap yourselves in. Not only are we expecting a full moon in Libra this Saturday, Mar. 31, it will also be the second full moon in the month of March. This lunar phenomenon is known as a "blue moon," and although the moon doesn't actually appear flushed in bluish tones, it's just as enchanting as it sounds. Remarkable things tend to happen on a full moon. How the libra blue moon affects each zodiac sign is even more poignant.

This one occurs in Libra, an air sign known for balance, harmony, and partnerships. When you look at the moon, you may be able to feel her beauty emanating throughout the sky. Her energy will be especially potent and possibly even more complex than usual, instilling strange feelings in us all. Mercury retrograde opposes this full moon, creating a chasm between our mind and heart. This might make us feel heavy with emotions that we don't understand how to articulate. Saturn and Mars both square this full moon as well. Saturn's effect may make you feel like these uncomfortable feelings should be tucked away, where no one can see them. Mars, on the other hand, might make you feel like lashing out at the world. You might waver between these aspects, confused about which instincts to trust. Depending on your zodiac sign, this blue moon has such much to teach us.


The blue moon occurs in your opposite sign: Libra. This may pull polarities out of you, making you feel like you're not you're usual self. You might embody qualities you tend to lack, while setting your usual personality traits aside. If you're often loud, you may feel quiet. If you're usually soft, you may feel harsh.


Complications in your daily routine may arise during this blue moon. Your whole day, and the days preceding and following, might feel completely off-kilter. You normally rely on things going according to plan and this spontaneity will probably make you feel strange. However, the wave will pass.


This blue moon will shine a light on aspects of your life that need improvement. You may have to make some difficult decisions or sacrifice comforts in order to have the life you truly want to have. You don't need to change anything right now. This blue moon will only remind you that eventually, you'll have to.


You may hear the sounds of home calling your name on this blue moon. Your family, friends, and loved ones are the answer to all your worries. You'll want to spend time with them, as you'll feel reminded of what really matters in life. It's not always about success. Sometimes all that matters is love.


Lately, you may have been sacrificing your basic needs in order to get farther in life. This blue moon will bring your focus back to foundational matters and you'll want to rebuild and repair what has gone awry while you weren't paying attention. Set aside some time for some self-care to wrap up the month of March.


This blue moon may cause you to rethink your life's goals, your truest desires, and what really makes you happiest. Sometimes you're loyal to a fault; clinging onto archaic ideas and commitments that no longer have value for you anymore. Remain open to possibility. It's OK to change.


With the blue moon in your sign, it could bring life-changing revelations your way. Brilliant ideas may sprout in your mind. You may feel swept by a sudden desire to do something drastic. Anxiety that you haven't been working hard enough may infuse you. It's only motivating you to work harder.


Listen to the softest whispers of your heart on this blue moon. There's something you've been ignoring about yourself. On this night, it wants to be heard. Slow down and immerse yourself in some quiet. You need to recharge your spirit. You've been pushing it to many extremes lately.


This blue moon will permeate your soul with something artistic. You'll feel antsy, impulsive, and full of energy. You'll want to do something major, something breathtaking. However, you might have trouble knowing where to start. You don't always have to jump straight into the deep end. Sometimes, you can ease yourself in, slowly getting used to the new temperature.


You might feel like hiding away right now but the blue moon may make you feel guilty for doing so. Life is passing you by. You need to let the world in. As much as it scares you, the blue moon knows what it's doing. Let fear be your guide. Do exactly what it tells you not to do.


Life may be seeming dull lately. The blue moon will stir something inside you that is anything but. You'll feel pulled to say "yes" to every opportunity that comes your way, to try new things, to learn. The world needs your transformative energy. Stoke your fire and allow it to erupt.


You may feel like you've been running dry on energy and resources, like you've been expending too much with little to refuel yourself. You may even feel stressed about money. The blue moon will make you feel like holding back, like working with what you already have and taking things easy.