The Full Moon In Pisces Will Affect Your Career In A Creative Way, So Take Notice

There are so many reasons why the full moon is such a potent and powerful time in astrology. It's a climactic tipping point in our journey, a moment when all our energy gathers and swells, taking us straight to another level. Even if you feel like nothing in your life is moving forward and you're not sure where you're going, trust that there is always a lunar cycle slowly working its way through you. Beginning with a new moon — the point at which we release ourselves from the past and set fresh intentions — and reaching its peak when the moon is round and full, there's no doubt that how the August 2018 full moon will affect your career proves its cosmic importance.

When the full moon is known for delivering revelation and reward, how could it not contain major significance for your career? After all, your career is often central to your identity. It's so much more than what you do for a living or how you provide an income for yourself. It expands far beyond capitalistic gain and material worth. Your career is everything you want to accomplish in life. It's the indelible mark you've always dreamed of leaving on the world. It's everything you'd like to leave behind in this life, and the full moon is a point at which you understand the results of your efforts so far.

Brainstorming Brilliant Ideas

Rising on Aug. 26, 2018, this full moon will be in whimsical, imaginative, and spiritually aware Pisces. Now, this zodiac sign is not inherently known for being career-driven. In fact, its power lies beyond the physical plane, in a place where your unconscious is soaked with beauty and dreams are made. However, your unconscious is where everything begins. It's where the seeds of your decisions are initially planted. Even though Pisces may not be as business-oriented as a sign like Capricorn, it provides your career with a new perspective, and a very important one at that.

Under this full moon, it's time to go back to the drawing board. Wait, scratch that. It's time to go back even further, back to where all the ideas first sprouted in your imagination; formless and hazy. This lunar event is a perfect time to dream up new concepts and daydream about the future to come. Take time to journal, meditate, read, and simply imagine. Let your thoughts tumble into new places. After all, your thoughts are the foundation for everything else.

Infuse Your Work With Creativity

As your thoughts begin to show you things that you never dreamed of before, it's time to encourage their fruition with a creative approach. Don't think so hard about the results, the money, the recognition, or what anyone else thinks. Right now, none of that matters. If all you ever thought about was what society wants from you or what the guaranteed result of your work will be, your career-fulfillment will never get very far. Remember that reaching your fullest potential requires risk. It also requires you to enjoy every step of the journey, because at the end of the day, it's all one big journey. Even when you reach your "destination," another journey immediately begins.

The full moon in Pisces wants you to simply pour some extra creativity into your world. It wants to awaken your inner-artist and help you interact with the universe in a soulful way. Don't let your work be a monotonous, tedious cycle. Try it from a new angle. Use a different color. Choose words you don't normally use. Allow artistry to radiate through your actions and watch how your career begins to sparkle.

Be Courageous Enough To Follow Your Heart

An amazing thing about the sign of Pisces is how tuned-in to the heart it is. What's even better about this full moon in particular is how it's receiving harmonious energy from the sun's grand earth trine with Saturn and Uranus. In astrology, Earth is the element that's most associated with career, structure, and productivity. With the imaginative effects of Pisces coalescing with such motivating energy, this is an extremely powerful time to make plans for the future and execute them. After all, the full moon in Pisces is receiving its light from the sun in Virgo, and Virgo is famous for its analytical, logical, and organizational talents.

Take a long look at your career. What is it lacking? What are you not doing? What tasks are you procrastinating on? With your heart and your mind working hand-in-hand, all signs point to "go."