You'll Never Believe How Much Money Kylie Jenner Spends On Postmates, Or Maybe You Will

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is rich. Very rich. So rich, in fact, that she spends loads of money on takeout. I mean, I would, too, if I were as busy a woman as Jenner is. According to a new blog post from Postmates, Jenner is a huge fan of the service, which caters to her every culinary need no matter how big or small. The real shocker here, though, is how much money the makeup mogul spends for that to happen. So, how much money does Kylie Jenner spend on Postmates? If you guessed in the tens of thousands, then you’d be right!

For those of you not familiar with Postmates, the company’s website says it offers “on-demand delivery from every restaurant & store in your city, 24/7.” So, basically, you can order whatever you want whenever you want it. Jenner apparently does just that, and racks up quite a large bill doing it.

According to Postmates’ blog post, Jenner spent $10,000 on the food delivery service in 2018. Postmates detailed what Jenner’s 2018 looked like in terms of food in their celebrity spotlight series, The Receipt, and her food choices are probably a lot like your own. For example, Postmates was able to discern from Jenner’s order history that she typically orders breakfast around 10 a.m.

They were even able to pinpoint a single day from 2018 when Jenner placed a whole bunch of orders in a span of 10 minutes — four orders total, to be exact. That day was June 27, 2018 and it looked like this, according to Postmates:

  1. 10:00 a.m., cream cheese bagel from The Bagel Broker
  2. 2:07 p.m., 6-pack macaron ice cream sandwiches from Milk
  3. 2:11 p.m., penne bolognese from Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Segal
  4. 2:13 p.m., taquitos, Mexican rice, enchiladas and a tostada salad from Casita del Campo
  5. 2:17 p.m., truffle “Impossible Burger” from Umami Burger

It looks like she may have been ordering for a bunch of different people, but that 10 a.m bagel was probably for her! Jenner actually ordered a bagel for herself on her 21st birthday. Apparently, she likes to keep it simple even on special days!

According to Postmates, Jenner’s most expensive order of 2018 was “a Don Julio Añejo 1942 Tequila” and her smallest order to date was “a bottle of Smartwater and a single carrot.” Yep, a single carrot.

Postmates was even able to keep track of what may have been some of Jenner's pregnancy cravings. According to their blog post, Jenner ordered “Oreo McFlurrys, 10-piece chicken nuggets, and French fries” from McDonald’s just a week before giving birth to her daughter Stormi on Feb. 1, 2018.

Overall, it seems like Jenner’s orders are pretty standard. There’s nothing about them that screams that she’s nearly a billionaire, or that she runs or her cosmetics company, or that she’s been on reality TV since she was just a child. At the end of the day, Jenner is just like everyone else: hungry for a cream cheese bagel every once in a while!