17 Brides Reveal The Overall Cost Of Their Honeymoon, & OMG

Close your eyes and imagine your dream honeymoon. Were you backpacking through Europe, or relaxing on a pristine beach surrounded by cerulean waters? While both options might sound pretty amazing, there's one thing they have in common: They aren't cheap. And while every vacation can be made more affordable by using your judgement wisely, asking yourself "How much does a honeymoon cost?" in advance might motivate you to start stacking your coins. Because spoiler alert: The average honeymoon will set you back a pretty penny.

According to The Knot, the average honeymoon will probably cost you around $5,342. "80% of couples spend more on their honeymoon than they would on just any old vacation," writes The Knot, stressing that most of your budget will go to lodging. "While the average spend is a tally of all expenses (including transportation, accommodations, meals, shopping, and attractions), travel and lodging take up nearly 80% of the total cost. Couples will shell out an average of $1,565 for travel (think: round-trip international airfare) and spend an average of $2,635 on lodging." Remember: This is just an average, so while it's definitely possible to spend less on yours, you could spend a whole lot more than expected if you don't plan in advance.

While these numbers are a helpful guideline, do they really reflect people's personal experiences? A redditor asked the wedding planning subreddit, and their answers were insightful.

"It took me a while to get over the mental hurdle that our honeymoon isn’t one of our 'dream vacations.'"
Our bucket list destinations weren’t feasible for our honeymoon due to cost or time of year. Thankfully, we were able to use flight points to book flights to Miami and are staying at a timeshare that my [future husband]’s stepmom gifted us. Our budget for food and activities for the week is about $1000 and we rented a convertible for $300 for the week. It took me a while to get over the mental hurdle that our honeymoon isn’t one of our “dream vacations,” but a chance to connect and unwind after the wedding.


"We were okay paying that since the majority of the activities we wanted to do were free."
Five days/nights in D.C. in July $2400: Flights/hotel including free breakfast deal. We were okay paying that since the majority of the activities we wanted to do were free (museums, parades, national monuments, etc).
We probably also spent $200-300 on food/ Uber/ extra things while there. But we were able to get a mini fridge in the hotel room to keep leftovers so that cut down meal expenses. Had the hotels and flights been much more pricey we likely would have opted to go somewhere in driving distance instead.


"Flights have all been booked with points."
Five days in Jamaica, three days in LA, three days in SF and ending with two nights in North Carolina for my best friend's wedding lol. So far we are about $600 in. I'm expecting another $2.5k between hotels, remaining flights and food/bev. Hotel in Jamaica was all points, will have to pay resort fees cash but those should be minimal. Flights NYC > Jamaica, Jamaica > LA and NC > NYC have all been booked with points. We could have spread the points out and covered a lot more, but we never splurge so we decided to do a deluxe swim-up suite in Jamaica.


"$4000 but that did not include the transatlantic flights, which were a gift to us."
We did a week in Scotland for roughly $4000 but that did not include the transatlantic flights which were a gift to us. We actually got married last October but saved up to go on our honeymoon over the summer


We just did 10 days in Italy and I think [future husband]'s guess was about $3-4000, including airfare from Chicago, Airbnb for each leg of our trip, transportation between cities, tour tickets, and food.


"We stayed in more budget-friendly places that had breakfast and we ate kind of frugally."
Ireland, Scotland and England for two weeks! I believe at the end of the day, it will cost us about 5K. I know it sounds like a lot, but we've never traveled internationally together before and honestly have never really planned a vacation longer than about 5 days or so! To save a little money, we definitely had to pick and choose where to splurge and where not to. For example got a great deal on the flight, but have to travel to an airport the furthest from our home. A couple nights we are planning on staying in a castle in Ireland, but are staying the modest hotels or Airbnbs the rest of the time.


We spent three weeks in Europe- Paris, Munich, Venice, Florence, Rome and a few day trips. We did Oktoberfest which was amazing! We spent about 5k (which is also about what we just paid for 10 days in Hawaii but that was a spare-no-expense vacation for us). We stayed in more budget-friendly places that had breakfast and we ate kind of frugally. We also delayed it over a year after our wedding to be able to budget and save vacation days (and because hubby really wanted to go to Oktoberfest).


We're aiming for a mini-moon ski trip right after the wedding which will be at most $3k for a week including ski rentals/passes. Longer honeymoon in Bali the following April for 7-10 days. Price TBD, hopefully $5k all inclusive with flights paid-by points


"About $1,500 of our budget is 'fun money.'"
About $5,500. We're spending two weeks traveling around California. So that price includes round-trip airfare from Baltimore to CA, 12 nights in hotels, a rental car, and miscellaneous. About $1,500 of our budget is "fun money" for dates and day trips, including snowboarding at Lake Tahoe and a couple's spa day.


"We're also prioritizing the honeymoon over wedding stuff like flowers and decor."
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We're doing an all-inclusive in Jamaica for 10 days. Including flights, transportation, and a butler, it's just under 6k for both of us. We're also prioritizing the honeymoon over wedding stuff like flowers and decor.


We are doing two weeks in Italy as well! (Milan > Venice > Florence > Rome). We're going in June and just bought our roundtrip tickets for $2k flying out of San Diego. We're expecting to spend $4k on hotels, transportation by train, museums/tours, and food.


"We decided if we were going to splurge, this was the time :)."
Seven nights in Disney World, with six park tickets each, at the beach club resort, no meal plan. We spent $4500 on the room, $800 on plane tickets round-trip, and $1200 on food, souvenirs, a couples massage, and two tickets to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (in addition to the six normal park tickets). We could have saved money by getting a cheaper room at a cheaper resort, by not getting a couples massage, not going to MNSSHP, getting less extravagant meals, driving instead of flying, and buying less dessert and souvenirs. But we decided if we were going to splurge, this was the time :)


"The all inclusive stay is costing us about $7200."
We're doing two weeks in Playa Mujeres, Mexico at the Excellence Resort there. We opted for one of the Excellence Club rooms since we did that last year and loved all the perks (separate pools only for Excellence Club guests, separate check-in, better alcohol, snacks, room service, etc.). The all inclusive stay is costing us about $7200. On top of that we'll need flights to Cancun and the airport transfer (~$200).


"This does not include most meals or excursions."
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We are doing Paris->Amalfi->Rome->Santorini-> London... and booking through Trip Masters (check them out if you have not). Cost for flights and hotels is about $5k before any upgrades on hotels. We are going to do an Airbnb in Paris but plan on upgrading to nicer hotels in Amalfi and Santorini. This does not include most meals (breakfast is included in some hotels) or excursions. I think we will be just under $8k total with everything.


"I wish I could justify the cost somehow."
Around $12,000 (/guts self). New Zealand and Fiji for two weeks. Flights, hotels, tours, excursions, insurance, and spending money. I wish I could justify the cost somehow. Most of the cost comes from flights and hotels :( I wish I strategized and got a travel credit card to get points.


We’re looking at about $12k for three weeks in Lebanon, Jordan, and Italy! Can’t wait 😊


"The total cost makes me a little sick sometimes."
It's costing us about $18k (not including our four nights in Cape Town and international flights since I paid with points). The total cost makes me a little sick sometimes but I know it'll be amazing and worth it!