Mercury Retrograde Is Going To Affect St. Patrick's Day, So Here's What To Look Out For

In case you haven't already heard the astrological news, Mercury retrograde is just around the corner. Beginning on March 5 and ending on March 28, this retrograde takes place in dreamy, emotional, illusory Pisces. This is fascinating (and terrifying), especially when you consider the fact that Mercury is a detriment when it's in Pisces, meaning that the planet of communication and thought process is not functioning at its strongest in this placement. Oh, and did you notice something else about those dates? How Mercury retrograde will affect St. Patrick's Day 2019 is what I really want to know.

You all know how St. Patrick's Day goes. You pile on the green accessories and get together with all your friends for a night out. You tell yourself (*ahem* lie to yourself) that you're only going to have a couple of green beers to go with your corned beef and cabbage, but then it turns into a few, which then becomes a lot. Sooner or later, you're flirting with that person dressed as a leprechaun and asking them if they can actually lead you to a pot of gold. Don't we all have a St. Patrick's Day story that goes a little something like that? Well, just wait and see how many twists Mercury retrograde will add to that story.

You Might Not Know When To Stop Partying

When Mercury is in retrograde, your judgment is often a bit off. You may get carried away with ideas because you're not thinking the way you normally do. You're feeling more impulsive and less mindful than you usually do, which may not lend itself well to one of the booziest holidays of the year. It's very possible that Mercury retrograde might encourage you to think that partying a lot harder than you should is a great idea. Does it matter that you have to be at work at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning? Not to Mercury retrograde.

You May Spend Way Too Much Money

Speaking of judgment, Mercury retrograde is one of the worst times to make major purchases. Why is this? Because you're making financial commitments that might make perfect sense at the time, but you'll regret later on. You're also susceptible to forgetting important details during Mercury retrograde, which makes money an all the more sensitive topic during this transit. There's a higher chance for you dropping way too much cash on St. Patty's Day drinks or accessories. You thought that light-up shamrock crown was a good idea to buy?

You Might Say Some Things You Don't Mean

This is probably one of the likeliest things to happen on this upcoming St. Patrick's Day because I don't know if I've ever seen a Mercury retrograde that didn't involve awkward conversations or slip ups. Since Pisces is associated with secrets, it's highly likely that you might accidentally reveal sensitive information to the wrong person. You might get carried away and forget to use your best judgment, leading you to say something you'll regret. My advice? Really make a point of choosing your words wisely.

You Could Run Into Someone From The Past

Running into people from the past is run of the mill during Mercury retrograde. Is anyone actually able to avoid this? Because Mercury retrograde is moving backwards through apparent retrograde motion, it has the tendency to repeat situations from your past. This can amount to bumping into an ex at your local pub, making your evening a whole lot weirder and more complicated. Try to remember that you don't actually have to kiss someone just because they're Irish *wink*.