Mercury Retrograde Is About To Make You Super Nostalgic For The Past, So Get Ready

So, I'm just gonna come right out and say it: I'm feeling so many emotions about this upcoming Mercury retrograde. I mean, it takes place in Pisces, which is probably most spiritual, dreamlike, and intuitive zodiac sign there is. This makes me all the more curious about what's going to happen during the first Mercury retrograde of the year. Just how many tears will be shed? How much artistic brilliance will be evoked? What kind of closure will exes finally get? I'm sure you'll be surprised by how Mercury retrograde in Pisces 2019 will affect you between the dates of Mar. 5 and Mar. 28.

To put it bluntly, the first Mercury retrograde of 2019 will be intense. In fact, every single Mercury retrograde of this year will be especially intense, because they all take place in water signs. As you probably already know, water is connected to your sensitivity and your inner world, meaning that the upcoming Mercury retrogrades will touch on aspects of your life that are very important to your heart.

As you probably already know, Mercury retrograde is a time that is rife with error, paranoia, confusion, and disorganization. While these things can certainly be inconvenient, the drawbacks will have you feeling all sorts of emotional this time around.

You'll Feel Emotional About What's Come And Gone

One of the most impactful things that Mercury retrograde can do is take you on a meaningful trip down memory lane. Why is this? Because Mercury — planet of communication and thought — is moving backwards, taking your state of mind with it. You just can't help but think of the past during a time like this. When Mercury retrograde takes place in a sign like Pisces, which is intrinsically nostalgic, you might find yourself living in the past completely, so be careful with what you do there.

There's nothing wrong with being nostalgic. In fact, reminiscing on the past is a way of honoring everything you've been through and feeling grateful for all that you've been given. However, if you're so nostalgic that you end up romanticizing the past and repeating the same mistakes as before, you're bound to learn a hard lesson.

You May Experience Déjà Vu When You Least Expect It

One thing's for sure: Mercury retrograde in Pisces is going to be a spiritually awakening experience. Pisces is associated with the dreamworld, the subconscious, and all things otherworldly. You're going to be able to find a deeper connection to your penchant for fantasy and creativity, and chances are, there will be a shade of magic surrounding everything you see.

Don't be surprised if you're suddenly remembering things that you had forgotten, reliving things that you've already been through, or experiencing the strange sensation that you've already experienced something that you've never actually experienced. A word to remember during Mercury retrograde in Pisces? "Unexplainable," because sure enough, some things won't feel like they're just a coincidence.

People From The Past May Resurface In Your Life

With that being said, there's a big chance that people you haven't seen in forever will return to your life during Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Perhaps you'll feel a strong urge to contact someone from your past. Maybe they'll be the ones contacting you. Regardless, these people probably meant a lot to you at one point. You may have had a horrible falling out and now have the opportunity to finally get an idea of what went wrong and leave with some closure. You might have simply lost touch over the years and now have the chance to rejuvenate your connection. Either way, the past awaits you.