Dairy Queen's Zero Gravity Blizzard Looks Out Of This World

Courtesy Of Dairy Queen

OK, call me a nerd, but I've always been seriously fascinated by all things outer space... especially when it comes to the moon. And to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the very first lunar landing, Midwest-based ice cream chain, Dairy Queen, is celebrating with a special celestial blizzard (and I'm totally psyched to try it!). So, since you might be wondering, "How long will Dairy Queen's Zero Gravity Blizzard be available?" Take note — it won't be around for too long.

Since Monday, June 24, space fanatics and dairy enthusiasts alike have been ogling over Dairy Queen's newest creation, known as the Zero Gravity Blizzard. According to the press release, the new creation features a rich base of creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream, which is blended with crunchy Oreo cookie pieces and sparkly cosmic swirls. All of that is topped off with a sweet cotton candy topping, and — of course — colorful galaxy sprinkles, so you'll definitely want to head to your next DQ run hungry AF.

Keep in mind that this definitely not a treat for the weak of heart, and if aliens are what you fear most, I would definitely be cautious. One of these could definitely attract some extraterrestrial life forces.

Courtesy Of Dairy Queen

The Zero Gravity Blizzard will only be available at participating DQ locations for a limited time, while supplies last, according to the press release. So, you'll probably want to try flying through ASAP, as a DQ representative tells Elite Daily it could "sell out within a week" at some locations, per an email from DQ.

In the press release, DQ's Executive Vice President of Marketing, Maria Hokanson, said the lunar landing sparked intense curiosity surrounding outer space. And the Zero Gravity Blizzard literally makes you feel like you're exploring the vast unknown.

According to the press release, Hokanson said:

Consumers have had an unwavering fascination with outer space since America’s landmark achievement nearly half a century ago. Fans can feed their imaginations and taste buds alike with the Zero Gravity Blizzard Treat — sending their red spoon spaceships into a deliciously iridescent soft serve galaxy.
Courtesy Of Dairy Queen

Amidst your dairy-filled space journey, you can also enter to win the chain's hAPPiest Sweeps Ever, which gives fans the chance to win a variety of sweet prizes, from Dairy Queen gift cards, to a NASCAR VIP experience trip, or even a Universal Orlando Resort package. All you have to do is visit your local Dairy Queen, open the DQ app on your mobile device, and tap the “The hAPPiest Sweeps EverTM” banner on the home screen, which will give you additional details. If you aren't near a DQ location, on the other hand, simply navigate to the promotions page on their website and follow the onscreen instructions. Per the rules and regulations, must be 18 years or older to enter, as well as a United States citizen (minus Texas).

Maybe you've been yearning to explore life outside of planet earth your entire life. Or, you might simply want something sweet and refreshing to cool you down this summer. Either way, Dairy Queen's Zero Gravity Blizzard looks seriously out of this world. Wishing you the best of luck on your celestial experience.