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How Long It Takes You To Text Back, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Texting is truly an art form full of nuance, mystery, sexiness, and, of course, frustration. There are texts from your crush that you'll remember forever because they made your heart flutter. There are texts you'll never forget because they were so terrifying that they made your heart drop. Texting is a cyber universe where anything goes, but before you can get to the juicy stuff, you need to actually receive... a reply. Everyone knows how unrealistic that expectation can be, especially when you consider how long it takes you to text back, according to your zodiac sign.

Some people text back so fast, it can make your head spin. (Are these people just constantly on their phones, or robots?) On the opposite end of the texting spectrum, are those who literally never reply. Seriously, what's the point of having a phone if you're not even going to use it? The truth is, they are using it — scrolling through feeds, clicking through stories, and hitting the "like" button — they're just not using it to text you back. If you follow the trail of social media interactions they're leaving behind, you'll find all the proof you need that they're totally leaving you on "read."

As always, astrology probably has something to do with your texting style. Whether it's your sun sign, moon sign, or Mercury sign, it all influences the way you do (or don't) hit reply.



If you're on your phone, you reply instantly. You tend to keep your texts short, sweet, and straight to the point. Those instant replies only last for a little while though, until you start getting bored with the conversation because something else caught your attention.


You take as long as possible before replying to someone's text. You either didn't know what to respond with yet or you simply can't be bothered with someone who's so demanding of your time and energy. You'll reply hours later and you won't even bother apologizing for it.


If you're in the mood to talk, you can keep a conversation going for hours. Seriously, it's difficult to get you to stop when you're on a roll. But you've got a thousand different things on your mind, and more than half the time, texting someone back is definitely not one of them.


If the texts you're receiving are lifeless, rude, or straight-up intimidating, you'll avoid replying as long as you can. Why invite that kind of energy into your life? If it's someone you love and adore, you'll feel so guilty if it takes you longer than an hour to reply.



Compliments? Praise? Texts filled with cute emojis? You'll quickly reply to those. But if the texts received are boring, controversial, or critiquing something you did, you'll take one look at it, roll your eyes, and put it at the back of your mind. Maybe you'll reply, maybe you won't.


You love taking time to construct long, wordy, and literary texts, but only if the recipient will appreciate it. If you're in a hurry, you'll still do your best to send a quick reply, because you hate watching all these texts you still need to reply to pile up. Procrastination stresses you out.


You're definitely famous for forgetting to reply. You've just got so many things going on. Mostly though, you're not in the mood to agree to plans you're not sure you want to agree to or not. However, when you're in the zone, you're in the zone. You live for a good debate over texts.


There are certain people you're obsessed with texting and you've got conversations with them that never end. You'll be texting them long, philosophical messages until late at night. Then, there are days where you want nothing to do with your phone and you've disappeared without a trace.



You hate having to write long and tedious texts. You're not in the mood to spend time typing out a bunch of details. Can't they just give you a phone call? You're definitely known for avoiding the reply and just calling instead. It saves your fingers some energy anyway.


You're not known for instant replies, but you're definitely not known for taking forever to reply, either. What you do is digest what the text said and then think about what the best response would be. Then, once the sender knows you're not just waiting by your phone, you shoot them a reply.


You're the definition of an unpredictable texter. You're the type of person who replies to a text two years later and then says, "Sorry, I was super busy around that time in my life." You realize how ridiculous this pattern is, but you hope the person you're texting appreciates your weird sense of humor.


If the conversation is creative and allowing you to unleash your imagination, you'll love texting back and take full advantage of it. However, it's so easy for you to space out that you might get distracted right as you're typing. At that point, the conversation has totally lost you.

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