This Is Us

'This Is Us' Fans Have 1 Big Question After Kevin & Randall's Explosive Fight

by Ani Bundel

It was, perhaps, inevitable a blow-out fight between Kevin and Randall would eventually take center stage on This Is Us. As brothers, they are polar opposites. Randall is the controlled, careful planner; Kevin is the impulsive, heedless tornado. The way they've always been there for each other is one of the remarkable things about the Pearson clan. But when they disagreed over their mother's best course of care, it's as ugly as you could imagine. Fans need to know after the Season 4 finale, how long does Kevin and Randall's fight last? Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

Fans knew the Season 4 finale would bring about a breakup between the brothers. The flash-forward to the Season 5 finale revealed that by their next birthday, the two wouldn't be talking and Kate would be (at least somewhat) sided with Kevin.

When Rebecca's diagnosis of early stages of Alzheimer's was announced, and Randall pushed hard for his mother to start a clinical trial she wasn't keen on, the dimensions of the fight became clear. But how low both brothers would go in what they said to each other was still startling.

When the fight broke out, it was bad enough Kevin started posturing that he would have run into the burning house to save their father. But Randall's response was worse. He told Kevin Jack died ashamed of him. Randall tells Kevin he's not even chasing Jack's shadow, he's chasing Randall's, and Kevin will never catch either of them. Kevin will pretend, perform, and insist he's a caring individual. But it will be false because nothing in his life is real.


If that's not enough to shake the foundations of the Pearson family, Kevin whirled around and emotionally decked Randall. "I used to think the worst thing that ever happened to me was when dad died... [But] it was the day they brought you home."

It's a truism that those who love you can hurt you most because they know where to stick the knife the deepest. Both Kevin and Randall struck deep. These are going to be hard words to come back from, for both of them. Fans shouldn't expect a quick reckoning. It may take most, if not all, of Season 5 before a thaw even begins.

But the good news is, the thaw will come. Flashing ahead to 2034, Kevin and Randall greet each other for the first time at Rebecca's bedside. Kevin puts his hand on Randall's shoulder, and they lean into one another. The family may be torn apart for now, but seemingly not forever.