Kim K & Kanye West Revealed How They Fell In Love In A Sweet ‘Vogue’ Interview

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These days, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the world that did not know the names Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but the super-couple was not always at the height of their current fame. The pair actually first met before either one became famous in their own right, and they maintained a friendship as they found fame in reality TV and music, respectively, before sparking a romance in 2012. Now, the story of how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fell in love is being told by the two lovebirds themselves in a new Vogue Arabia cover story, and it sheds a whole new light on their relationship.

In a new profile on Kim Kardashian, Vogue got Kanye West to interview his wife himself, which made for a much more intimate look into their relationship than ever before. The wide-ranging interview touches on how the couple views fame, money, family, faith, and Kim's budding law career. But the sweetest portion of the profile came when the couple looked back on how they first met and fell in love.

Kim Kardashian recalled that she first met Kanye West before he had even released his first album, back when he was known only as a music producer rather than an artist in his own right. In prior interviews, Kanye had revealed that he first met Kim while on a video shoot with Brandy. Putting these details together, it seems clear that Kim and Kanye first met on the set of Brandy and Kanye West's 2004 music video "Talk About Our Love."

At that time, Kim Kardashian was dating Brandy's brother Ray J — a romance that would later turn infamous — and Kim had also become a close friend to Brandy, helping out as her stylist for the video. In the new Vogue interview, Kim teased Kanye by revealing that he initially thought Kim was Brandy's assistant. She admitted she was shy and nervous back then, and that she was left "in awe" of how attractive and charming Kanye was.

But despite all those seemingly lovey-dovey feelings, the pair did not actually begin dating until eight years later in 2012, following Kim's divorce from Kris Humphries. In the new profile, Kanye asked his wife how she realized he was "the one," and she responded with a story of her staying in New York with Kanye for a week of dinner, movies, and effortless hang-time.

When I went to New York and we went to dinner and the movies, it was just so much fun. I remember I wore a Givenchy feather jacket and leather pants. It was super chill and so effortless being together. After spending that whole week together, I realized you were the one and then I was like, damn, why did I waste so much time and energy? Why didn’t I do this sooner?

And Kim and Kanye have been going strong ever since. They now have four children together and just recently celebrated their five-year anniversary in May. It just goes to show how you could meet your perfect match and not even realize it until years later.